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Anyone Come Across Ak Products ?


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Hi has anyone come across a company, called Ak products ?, yorkshire based firm, doing shower tray repairs,


they have a link on their page to a company called tufcoat, but the links dead, they have spelling errors on their facebook page,


they look as if theyre using speedicoat, or something very similar.


just owndering if anyone has any experience of them as theyve been recomended but i cant find much info on them


that might not necessarily be an issue if theyre only a small outfit.



ive looked at getting a new tray from PSS in Hull, but the fitted cost is high





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I assume you need a shower tray repair? Use Speedcoat 0800 0834525. They will

put you in touch with a local repairer. Not associated with them, but have used them. ;)

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hi never heard of AK Products? but my friends have had their shower tray repaired by speedcoat and it looks great, seen speedcoat at the NEC last week they seem very professional and friendly.

not the cheapest but you get what you pay for, very good quality and guaranteed, still a lot cheaper than getting a replacement tray supplied and fitted, would highly recommend! Not got a problem with mine YET!! but no where ill be going if I do! :)

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Search just now got me this for AK Products and shower tray repairs.

http://akproductsyorkshir. wix. com/showertraysolutions




Mine was done by a local Leeds repairer and they used the SL1000 coating in white, they coated after firming up the shower base it was flexing and caused the cracks.


He did a good job and I'm very happy with the result, he did come out to me quickly earlier this year and did it in a few hours as I needed to use the caravan the next week. To be honest he did look like a cowboy but job was good and I think reasonable at £220. It looks good and feels sort of rubbery to your feet when showering.

My caravan dealer did not want to help and local Coachman dealer would repair at higher price but with a several month wait and a week to do it. Tried hard to get Speedcoat agent to quote me but failed, I can only think too busy or his location not local and maybe keeping travelling down. Speedcoat do seem to give an agent a large area to cover.

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Regards, David
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