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Solar Panel For Battery Top Up


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hi all, we have just changed our caravan for a bailey pegasus and have just learned that we need to keep the battery in situe during the winter to keep the alarm/tracker powered, could somebody please help with the cheapest way to keep my battery topped up during the winter with solar panel, this is all we would use it for, our caravan is kept at a storage yard so its not at home, thanks for any help, martin

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These people are cheap http://pbautoelectrics. co. uk/product-category/parts/solar-technology/solar-panels-parts/pv-logic-fold-up-kits/


But http://www. gooutdoors. co. uk/search/go?view=grid&w=solar+panel will undercut the other price by 10% making it even cheaper.


Conscience says buy from the cheaper supplier, but your pocket may make you buy from G. O. D.

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I just installed a 20w mono solar panel to keep the battery topped up along with a Morning star controller.

The panel was £23 from ebay, about £15 on cable, fuses and plugs etc.

if you are going down the solar route spend a bit of money on a decent controller as cheap can fail and fry the battery.

I picked up a Morningstar from gumtree for a good price but a 6amp will be more than enough for the size of panel you are looking at.

My van doesn't have the tracker or alarm so I have my panel leads exiting where the EHU goes and my panel is on a stand on the ground in front of the van locked with a cable wire.

This is obviously no good for you as potential theif could cut wires and battery will drain and or Nick the panel.

An alternate could be to mount a panel in the heki, there are a few posts on how people have done that, run wires to a controller mounted near the battery box and the leads from the controller to the battery. You could then disconnect the panels when not use, I use an Anderson plug to connect / disconnect pv panel.

The other option is a full on roof install. If you are going for this then you may as well go for the largest panel you can afford mount it and run the wire in through a roof gland. This would enable you to run off EHU if you had 100w plus. Though you would probably need a 10amp controller for 100w pv. I cover mine in winter so this would not work for me.

I've designed my system so that I would be able to add a larger capacity panel at a later date. Worth considering.


The other option is buy a second battery, charge at home on a ctek or similar and swap every couple of weeks.


I think my whole set up cost about £65 and a couple of hours to solder wires up if you are fairly ok with a bit of soldering. . Cheaper than a new battery and ctek.

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I have a fold up panel like a briefcase it just trickle charges the battery, no wires to solder just crocodile clips running cable to battery box under seating unit in window, I used it all last winter and this summer no probs, bought from ebay about 25 quid if I recall

not sure what the lines are about in last post. Here it is again I have a fold up panel like a briefcase it just trickle charges the battery, has a cut out so no overcharge, no wires to solder just crocodile clips running to battery box via under sets unit in window pack away when travelling I used it all last winter and this summer without any probs bought from ebay 25 quid if I recall.

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