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Seasonal Caravan Pitches Near Llanelli

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Long shot i know, but anyone got any info for the above.


We are now in a position that our current seasonal site owners have had what can only be described as a nervous breakdown. .... new seasonal contract states we can only use the caravan for 50% of the season, that makes our current 7 month season 3. 5 months, my daughter whilst we are not using the van can only stay for a maximum of 7 days during the said season, winter storage payment increased by 90%, although caravan never leaves its pitch. Anyway, these are just some of the changes that makes us want to try something a little different.



john + mandy

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You could try here


http://www. riverviewtouringpark. com


We stayed for a few nights last year and they had some seasonal pitches, but don't know cost or availability.


Also just found this site


http://www. caravanparkgower. co. uk/caravan-tent-tarriff. html


but was astonished at the seasonal pitch prices!


Where are you at the moment, as a matter of interest?


Edit - PS Some seasonal sites will not allow any other family members to stay at all, so make sure you check this out if it's important.

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Thanks both,


Yes i have tried both your recommendations, unfortunately without success.


Regarding the site concerned, well at the moment i am still lumbered with staying there, i'm not in a position to remove my double axle for winter storage elsewhere.

I believe, as do others that the timing of the new contracts were deliberately delayed being delivered to us, leaving us with little wriggle room to make other arrangements, and finding an alternative seasonal caravan site. Our winter storage fee will also include a £200 deposit for next season, so we are stuck unless i find a more sensible campsite that will cater for our particular needs.

As you have guessed, i cannot name the campsite at the moment, but if i can make alternative arrangements before the beginning of next season, i will do everything i can to make sure future customers of that site are fully aware of what they get for their money. ...its not always clear in the first season you are there.

john + mandy

2007 Audi a4 3. 0 litre quattro + 2008 Coachman amara festival 380/2

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Where do you currently reside, how far from LLanelli are you prepared to move? There is a small new site in Ferryside near Carmarthen, it appears to have seasonal pitches and it gets good reviews. Its called Ferryside Farm.

Not stayed there personally, but have driven past. It looks as though its been developed fairly recently. You can check it out on Google earth as it adjoins the road, that said the road is an old b road and quiet. If they won't do storage, check out Star Forge as they have a field behind the old garage and they used to store vans there. Star Forge (Uplands Arms) is 10 mins to Ferryside. The owner is a guy called Alan and yes a tidy guy.

The Caravan Club at Pembrey do seasonal storage, but not seasonal pitches.


There are other sites West of Llanelli and it may be worth it taking a spin down there.



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