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Long Term Storage North East Spain - Any Recommendations?

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Hi, after going nowhere for ages for one reason or another, we are now thinking that if we left our caravan in NE Spain then we would be more inclined to get down there for some winter sunshine occasionally (we live in SW France, so it won't be such a big deal to drive there for us, without the van on the back. ..)


So we are looking for a place where we can securely but relatively inexpensively store our caravan for long periods.


I've read some of the older posts on the forum here but I would be really interested to know if anyone has used these recently, or has any other suggestions.

Anywhere north of Alicante would be considered.


Caravan Inn http://www. caravaninn. net/en/

Mediterraneo Caravan Storage http://www. guardacaravanas. com/en/

Stone's Parking http://www. stonesparking. EU

Puig de la Creu http://www. puigdelacreu. net/idiomes/english/serveis. html


thanks for any light you can shed on our ideas!

Hobby 540WLU, our land yacht

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There is a good storage facility in Calpe, just north of Benidorm, I have had my caravan stored there for the last 4 years, there is inside and outside storage.


You have a key to the yard so can come and go and do as you please, do work on it and wash it, problems are unheard of, cost for outside is about 1euro a day.


It is less than 1 hour from the airport and it is called Euro Nautica calpe on the main 332 it is a boat sale yard, it is on the web, look it up.


Highly recommended

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There is a very good storage facility in navarrenx just over the Spanish border into france.

As you live in france it may suit you. They also have a beautiful campsite (English owned) in Navarrenx

having stayed there I can recommend it,they are on the internet,Have a look.

van Bessacar 625 towed by Mercedes M class 3. 2 cdi.

we do 6mths at home (winter) 6mths touring (summer)

Retired & loving it.--------- :D Adventure before Dementia. :P

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The one at Navarrenx wouldn't give us any advantage over storing at home. .... no nearer to NE Spain for us, but looks like a nice site to visit if one wants to go to the Pyrenees. The boat storage place looks interesting though, I must say, thanks a lot. Just worry about hubby being surrounded by boats again. .... can't see us lasting long without getting one!

Hobby 540WLU, our land yacht

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We have our van with Mediterraneo Caravan Storage. The thing we liked about this storage site is that it is an indoor facility, a large disused furniture factory, and the security seemed to us to be the best we had seen. Also the people are easy to deal with, at least one family member speaking English. Another factor we have found is their flexibility, we have had to change our plans due to an impending operation but no problem with them.


We live in Northern France so the travel is a major factor. We have found it much easier without the van. You should find the same but over a much shorter distance.


Whatever you choose, good luck and enjoy your winters in the sun.

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Thanks so much sulyka!

So for completeness and to help others, here is a link for the yard at Calpe

Euronautica http://www. euronautica. com/en/services/18-english/24-dry-storage


Another that I have found is

Caravancare St Martin (near Cambrils, south of Barcelona) http://www. caravancare. com. es/english/index. htm

Hobby 540WLU, our land yacht

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