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Sussed It - Not Bad For A Technophobe!

Lou Spitz

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We have owned 3 caravans since buying an early 2nd-hand Mayfly DW in the late '70s. A few years later we upgraded to a slightly newer Mayfly DW with plastic (double glazed) windows and a wall mounted retro-fit gas water heater - sheer luxury.


Then, in 1987 we went mad and bought a brand new Mayfly DW. It was garaged for the first years of it's life but a company move in 1986 sadly put paid to that. It now lives at home again but over the years has spent periods on a number of sites including several years in France.


Over the years we have toured nearly all of Scandinavia and Western Europe with a wide variety of towcars. These have included various company cars as well as a number of my own vehicles – from a pre-war Citroen 11CV to a '70s Citroen DS 23efi. The latter remains my favourite with power enough to tow comfortably at normal speeds and still have plenty more in reserve should the need to accelerate quickly ever arise.


We shall be looking to change again soon – but this time we shall probably go for something smaller. Anybody got a brand-new Wren tucked away somewhere? It is either that or a “period” van to complement the cars.



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