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Newbie Assistance Please

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Hi, we have just bought our first caravan a 2001 Lunar LX2000 which we are delighted with but the rooflight at the rear of the van (near the stove/washroom) is broken and wont stay up so needs replacing. I can't find a part number or anything that allows me to search for a replacement and frankly don't know eher to start!

Any help or suggestions greatfully appreciated



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Measure the fixing bolt centres (if its the sprung up type), then go to any caravan shop. It is likely to be a standard rooflight. We did that and it cost about £20.


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Many of these rooflights are made by MPK. Have a look here to see if you can identify your model. http://www. thecaravanshop. co. uk/rooflights-vent-kits/mpk-rooflights-with-beige-mounting-frames/cat_85. html

they also sell spare parts for rooflights.


Try http://www. leisureshopdirect. com/caravan/home/caravan-spares. aspx and Ebay

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Hi, we've just had the same problem with our rooflight, which unfortunately was non-standard in size.


If you can't source the part you need, this company: can make you a replacement, as long as you still have the original for them to use as a mould. Not an option for us unfortunately as ours had been badly bodged and wasn't any good as a mould.


We sourced our replacement from a van that was being broken in the end.

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Apologies - not used to posting on here yet and it didn't show my link for some reason.


The company I was referring to was EECO, you can just Google to find them.

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Or even click here :)


http://www. eeco-ltd. co. uk


Another company that will custom manufacture a new one is http://www. ppa-group. com as long as you can supply some evidence of the damaged one.

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