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Whale Ic Noisy And Not Turning Off


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In Spain at present and for past week the pumphead in barrel very noisy when taps on and only way to stop pump from running after tap turned off is to turn pump off and back on again. Tried tightening screws etc but getting fed up now. Any ideas or suggestions for Diy sorting?



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Have you tried recalibrating the iC? That might help, also I've heard that if your battery is not in top shape, then that can cause issues like the pump not stopping. I had a similar issue while away earlier this year, went to buy a replacement pump from a caravan / camping shop and was told it could be the battery, whether it's connected to the mains or not, by a seeming well informed member of staff. Save to say, I didn't buy another pump. My battery is a few years old now, so I'm suspecting that, though I haven't got around to replacing it yet.

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Hi Agzy


Happened to me in France earlier this year!

Noisy pump - then wouldn't switch off - re-calibrated (many,many times!) then finally the pump failed!

Luckily I carry a spare Hi Flo pump and guess what - re-calibrated but this pump too was noisy (it was fine in use on our previous c'van) - re-calibrated (again and again!) and then 2 or 3 weeks on that pump too gave up the ghost (I tested both pumps with a 12v fly lead and both were as dead as a Dodo)


Back home I sent the pumps back to Whale who sent me a replacement IC unit and new pumps.


The pump is now so quiet I struggled to hear it when calibrating the IC unit and we've been back to France for another 4 week trip and the pump and IC have performed beautifully . ...... although the IC did need one further re-calibration.


So . ..... sounds like you've got a duff IC unit!


Best of luck - I hope it lasts out for your trip.



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