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Caravan Gas Cookers And Hobs


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I have an old caravan, Kanus 530. I'm renovating it and it doesn't have a hob or oven at the moment. Can anyone give me advice about gas cookers? I'd like one that's about 40-50cm deep and 60cm high. I've heard some ovens are more efficient than others. What make would you recommend that really does cook things in the oven rather than just heating up ready cooked meals?


I've heard that the milibar pressure can make a different to the efficiency of the oven. because its an old caravan I guess it's 28 not 30 milibar pipe work. Do I have to get a 28 milibar pressure compatible oven or can I get anything? Because I'm renovating the caravan the pipe work is accessible. Is it simple to change the pipe work to 30 milibars if need be? I'll be living in the caravan (it's not just a holiday home) so I'd like a good cooker.





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