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Land Rover Discovery 3 Tow Hitch Failure


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my tow hitch has just detached itself from my disco 3 at approx 35mph, my caravan veered to the right and took out a farmers fence, with my tow hitch still in place, luckily it was a quiet road and no one injured, is this a rare case?

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There have been a few reported cases on here and land rover forums - I've been towing with mine since 2010 and never had a problem. I always remove it when not towing and ensure it's well maintained - some are left on vehicle permanently or hammered by weather so suggestions have been made that pins or mechanism may seize and need to be lubricated to work safely :unsure:


Some threads here


http://www. disco3. co. uk/forum/topic105414. html?highlight=towbar+failure


http://www. disco3. co. uk/forum/topic114609. html?highlight=towbar+failure


http://www. disco3. co. uk/forum/topic80952. html?highlight=towbar+failure


http://www. disco3. co. uk/forum/topic83653. html?highlight=towbar+failure

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They have certainly a history of rattling about alarmingly, mine included but I have not heard of one coming adrift.


Please notify VOSA of this incident; there are a lot of us owners that feel uncomfortable with the unit and a proper investigation in your case could be invaluable to us.

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Maybe just a coincidence, but is your caravan the subject of this thread?


http://www. caravantalk. co. uk/community/topic/100190-caravan-detached-whilst-being-towed/

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Been a while since your first post in December 2011.

What caravan have you got/did you have ?

Land Rover is now back towing.

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There's definitely a very strong whiff of troll coming from somewhere.

I hope you are wrong. Meanwhile let us wait till OP returns. In 2011, the van was new.


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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