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Found 46 results

  1. Hi everyone just had new bill in for church farm caravan storage, undercover its gone up to Seventy two pounds per month, just wondered what sort of price people are paying for storage is this over the top? Thanks Ace
  2. Having been a caravaner for some years now, one ongoing challenge is finding somewhere to store your caravan. Storing your caravan, from my investigations, at any storage site means that the provider does not insure your caravan but instead expects the owner to have his own insurance and if anything happens whilst in storage by other caravan owners, thieves, vandals etc. then you have to deal with any claim, all very challenging especially if it is by other caravan storage users, all not so palatable. The use of COSSA, does not provide YOU with any further visibility of what is happening at any storage site, not showing how many break in's or incidents the storage site has, it just provides the caravan owner some understanding of what the storage site says it has, from a security perspective and what level of COSSA the storage site is. So with all the above to consider, and with no other options I have been using a COSSA gold storage site for some years. Unfortunately I have recently been involved in a issue at my caravan storage site, as Whilton Locks storage outside Northampton, near the A5, whereby they were developing the site involving large construction vehicles. I received a call from Whilton Locks saying that my caravan had moved 6FT, upon attending the site it appeared that the toe hitch had been dragged 6ft, even with 2 wheel locks, all 4 caravan legs in position, toe hitch lock, and wheel leveling ramp locks. It was unclear how this could have possible have happened, but the caravan site staff where quick to stay it was nothing to do with the construction vehicles being used, diggers, ground levelers and visiting construction lorries. Being patient I asked that we left the caravan in its current position, which appeared to be sturdy, so that I could arrange for an inspection by my local caravan retailer to make sure it was undamaged and fit for towing, which they agreed. I arrange for a caravan engineer the following week only to find that my caravan had been dragged back to its original location, pulling it of it's wheel ramps and twisting the wheel locks, I was obviously annoyed. This time I could see construction vehicle tyre and tracked marks on the ground around my caravan. I spoke to the manager who was not very considerate, they said that I would have to claim of my insurance if there was any damage and that it was nothing to do with them or the construction site, even though they had apparently informed me and others of the substantial construction work under their guidance. What I find distasteful is that they allowed heavy construction traffic around my caravan, even leveling an embankment at the rear of my caravan, within 2 meters of the caravan, with no regards for my 2 year old caravan, expecting the owner to deal with any claim if damage was caused. This particular caravan storage provider, WHILTON LOCK CARAVAN STORAGE, has developed a unacceptable level of NO due care and attention for the caravans being stored in their facility, expecting owners to deal with any damage via their own insurance and the consequence of any such damage and increase in premiums. When selecting your caravan storage provider, look for a provider that cares and act responsible around your caravan. I have of course removed my caravan, not wanting to wait for something more serious to occur, as construction work continues.
  3. Hi, we want to store our caravan in June/Julythis year between Newquay and St Ives, anyone any ideas?
  4. Hi there, we would really appreciate if anyone can let us know their experiences for storage with any of the following: York Caravan Park & Storage, Tockwith Caravan Storage, and Ravensdale Caravan & Boat Storage Thank you for any help in advance.
  5. Could anyone recommend a safe/secure/covered site to store a caravan in the Southend-on-Sea area. Thank you
  6. I've put our caravan into storage. This is my first caravan so I'm a comparative novice and have found the Caravantalk forums very helpful. The caravan is parked under a canopy so should be reasonably protected during the coming winter months. Some time ago I took the opportunity to buy two car axle stands in a Halfords sale as some recommend using stands when the caravan is in storage for a period of time to conserve the life of the tyres. My problem is that the caravan is currently parked on a very slight slope, with another caravan parked quite closely behind it. So if I raise the caravan onto axle stands I figure that the handbrake would no longer be effective. Similarly wheel chocks behind the caravan's tyres are possibly ineffective as well because the wheels would be raised. Or am I overthinking things? Should I be raising the wheels until the tyres just rest on the ground but most of the weight remains on the axle stands rather than the tyres? Is that likely to be sufficient for either the handbrake or wheel chocks to hold the caravan? Would chocking the jockey wheel be sufficient?
  7. hey peeps, how do you protect your drinks tumblers while traveling? upon arriving home after a great weekend away (our first foray ever) i found one of our rather expensive (age uk ) bark effect tumblers on the floor in bits, they were ( i thought ) well packed away and padded against each other but i was wrong. i was thinking maybe a glass caddy? has anyone gone down this route and if so a heads up as to a supplier would be greatly appreciated Jon
  8. Advice on using the large cupboard space under the wall cupboard near the door (abbey iona) but the central wood panel under the closed doors, means the access gap is very narrow. I cannot find a plastic storage box narrow enough to squeeze past the gap. What can best be stored here? A second storage space is under one of the bench seats, but the heater, motor mover control box and duct pipies are there. How can i make best use of this space safely?Can seasoned owners pass on their advice please.
  9. I'm looking for any kind of cheap storage for my great little old caravan. I'm based in Hastings but anywhere in East Sussex would be good too. Be great to hear from anyone. Many thanks, Tim Dawson.
  10. The good news is we've sold our house and found one we like in Deal, on the Kent coast Now the less good news. ...every storage site we have approached so far has waiting lists of 18 - 24 months Any suggestions from this great community? The outfit is a 2017 Lunar Clubman SB Thanks in anticipation
  11. Hi everyone! I'm about to replace my Bessacarr 495 with new one about 2 or 3 years old. The top three on the list to replace it are (in no particular order) 1) (another) Bessacarr 495SL 2) Bailey Unicorn Madrid 3) Coachman VIP 520/4 The odd one out of these is the Bessacarr, because of its weight I'd opt for a 2 berth. The other two have side dinettes which is what I would really like. However I love the specification of the Bessacarr. I had just about decided to go for and have been actively looking for the Bailey. That was until it suddenly occurred to me that it has hardly any exterior storage. I use the bonnet storage for things like a bucket, extendable brush, levelers, the waste water carrier, and Aqua roll handles, as well as the gas. When towing I keep the chairs, table, awning, and poles in the boot. The Aqua rolls go in the shower. Disliking touring with a cluttered caravan, as there is nothing worse than climbing over everything, so like it to be clear for when I stop for tea/lunch en-route to my destination. Does anyone here own a Bailey without a bonnet, and if so where do you store your stuff? I'm aware the fixed beds have underbed storage, but don't want a fixed bed. So far first place is now the Coachman. Where do you put stuff in the Bailey?
  12. Last year we were forced to give up our 50 year old hobby of caravanning because, due to eyesight problems, the DVLA took away my driving license. Although my wife can drive she did not feel that she wanted to tow the van. We decided to sell the van and the tow car and buy a smaller car which she felt confident in. We are now missing the van and are debating buying another and putting it on a site where they will pull it out and pitch it for us. Our dilemma is, will we get fed up with going to the same site all year or would we be better off forgetting the idea and going cruising which our neighbours are trying to persuade us to do. (Not our scene!). We have been visiting cottages and have used the Warner Hotels a couple of times but we still like the idea of having all our own possessions around us. My question is, are there many members who do what we are debating and are there any snags other than getting somebody to tow the van to the site in first place? Interested in comments, constructive or not! We are neither of us spring chickens and we do have some mobility problems which we refuse to give in to.
  13. I seek feedback/advice from members regarding recommendations for caravan storage facilities in France, ideally within 3 hours drive of Geneva. We want to travel through France and North East Spain during November and December and then put the caravan into secure and cost effective storage before Christmas until we use it again next April. Our preference is to put the caravan into in-door storage near to Geneva as this is where we will then be living from Dec to April. However, we would consider anywhere that can offer good storage facilities within 3 hours of Geneva. Any suggestions? I am aware that one can only officially have a UK caravan in a EU country for up to 6 months before supposely having to register it in that country as a separate registration (unlike the UK). Therefore it is our intention to return to the UK with the caravan in May/June to avoid having to register it in France. Has anyone had problems with the French Authorities? (i. e. how strict are they on the 6 month rule?) Our current insurance policy gives us unlimited duration in EU countries, but of course this might change due to Brexit. I look foreard to some feedback. Many thanks David
  14. Hi. Wanting to get a van but haven't got a driveway, so will need somewhere secure yet reasonably priced to store. Live in Rayleigh, Essex so needs to be local so that I use it regularly. Thanks Steven
  15. Ordered a new caravan from a dealer taking ours in part exchange. Did this a couple of weeks before the show. Got show offer with mover. Told we would have it two weeks later by new salesman. Great. Then told would be late because of the show? Ok Two weeks later told would be ready for the Friday. Great. Cancelled our old storage. Took current van to new storage. Sunk car and caravan up to the axles in the mud on approach to storage. Owners response was it does that. You have to pick your times to pick the van up! What?? Canceled storage and found new one but only for shorter new van. Fine. Picking up new van tomorrow so we can get away with a night outside the house. .. Just Wash van then at 5pm dealer calls to say he has a bit of a problem. He has run my new caravan into another with the mover and damaged the side. Not to worry though as he's booked it into the body shop to have the side repainted. Ee no I said. It's a brand new van. I don't want it repaired. I'll call you back. Ten minutes later, would you like our demo model? For the same money I asked? Er yes. No I said. We can get you a new van for next Tuesday. Thats fine but I can't leave my current one outside the house. Please pick it up. Finally they did after a couple of moans. Finally picked new van up last Friday. Salesman admitted he was new. No problem with that then we sorted out some of the finance we needed. There were sheets of paper with different prices we had been offered for our current van however it was all sorted and we left. My wife has since gone through what we have and they have not given us the price they quoted in part ex for our van by £500. We should have spotted it. Called the finance manager and he will look into it. Not sure how we stand but I'm not hopeful. I have no written confirmation of PX price. Any ideas? Really annoyed with myself for not noticing it.
  16. Hi everyone Can anybody help me find a relatively inexpensive place to store my caravan within 60 miles of Bristol approx. I would be very grateful for any ideas on the subject. Thanks
  17. In Febuary I'm going away to the Middle East with work for 6 months and I'm putting my van in secure storage for the duration. The issue I've got is that as part of my insurance t&c's ive got to have my alarm and tracker active at all times. I'm pretty sure that the 110amp battery will run out of juice within a couple of months without being charged, so I'm thinking about getting a solar panel to keep the battery on trickle charge. My question is what wattage solar panel would I need to keep the alarm and tracker charged. Went to have a look at some the other day and was advised that I'd need a high wattage solar panel which cost nearly £300! Would I not be able to manage with a lot lower wattage and cheaper option? Any advice will be appreciated 😊😊
  18. Hi. I am wondering What you good people look for in a storage site? Hard standing, grass, Elsan disposal or what ever. I'm not looking to set one up. I'm just curious
  19. Hi, I am looking for somewhere within a very short distance of Lille in the Nord Pas de Calais region to store our caravan. I understand that some people use storage facilities which are large garages, but we would want somewhere that can tow the van for us to a suitable local site (for times when we don't want to take the towcar!). I started off by looking for a site which had secure storage available (not necessarily under cover) but I haven't got very far. There are few sites in the Lille area itself to start with. We would consider up to half an hour away from the town. Advice appreciated! Thank you
  20. Hello everyone, I manage a large site which I am exploring for development for secure caravan & boat storage. I would be grateful if anyone has experience of fees for caravan storage and what would be a reasonable amount to charge. The site has a high security perimeter, grass & tarmac hard-standing, on site security personnel and 24 hour CCTV monitoring. Pitches would be 10m x 3m. 11m wide roadways. Location is Peterborough/Leicester/Nottingham area with good access to the A1. Are there any other essentials that we ought to be providing? Thank you and kind regards James
  21. I keep getting pestered by "Pintrest" (or something similar) but this time this looks useful
  22. I have a Lunar Clubman SI on order and have a small modification idea that I would like opinions on. I have not put this in the Lunar section as I think it applies to other transverse bed vans. It strikes me that access to under bed storage from inside the van is only to the foot of the bed and access to the top is through the outside locker. To access the top end of the bed from inside seems impractical. Would it be sensible to fix a wall made from thin ply onto the bed frame at the halfway point so that the 2 types of stored items do not mix and overflow onto each other? On the Clubman I think there is a metal frame to fix to. John
  23. Hi everyone My wife and I are looking into buying our first tourer, it will be a small 4 birth model. . ideally a vintage model which we can renovate. Before we can start looking and buy something we need to find a place to store it. . ideally somewhere that would let us have access so that we can work on it. Does anyone know of anywhere in the Sutton Coldfield area near Birmingham. . we are struggling to find anything useful in the classifieds Thanks Mark
  24. Hi, after going nowhere for ages for one reason or another, we are now thinking that if we left our caravan in NE Spain then we would be more inclined to get down there for some winter sunshine occasionally (we live in SW France, so it won't be such a big deal to drive there for us, without the van on the back. ..) So we are looking for a place where we can securely but relatively inexpensively store our caravan for long periods. I've read some of the older posts on the forum here but I would be really interested to know if anyone has used these recently, or has any other suggestions. Anywhere north of Alicante would be considered. Caravan Inn http://www. caravaninn. net/en/ Mediterraneo Caravan Storage http://www. guardacaravanas. com/en/ Stone's Parking http://www. stonesparking. EU Puig de la Creu http://www. puigdelacreu. net/idiomes/english/serveis. html thanks for any light you can shed on our ideas!
  25. I have been looking inside my Bailey Orion 400/2 there are a lot of small spaces under the bed boxes and vertical surfaces (not strong enough for shelves) Knowing what clever folk we have on here, where are the good ideas for utilising these spaces?
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