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  1. Quick newbie question........ Any issue with leaving the car hitched up (prior to departure) with the ignition off and 13 pin cable connected, while the mains cable is connected to keep the fridge running? And I obviously must remember to disconnect from the mains before pulling away
  2. Hi folks, was wondering if anyone with the know how could help me out here. I have purchased a split charge relay system, a Durite one that appears on most of the videos when you type split charge into youtube. This is fantastic for a van or motorhome vehicle but I am wanting to install in my caravan, thus i will need a plug on it in the intersection of the towcar and caravan. The problem is that it comes with (and you will see in all split charge relay videos) a massive 70amp cable, 4 or 6 awg, that is then fitted with 40 amp Fuses either side. So my questions are: 1.
  3. Hi This is probably a very simple answer (and would have made more simple if I was able to post a picture but it keeps saying file too big!!) but I have 3 black and red tube shaped plugs in the van which say 8A on them. They remind me of cigarette lighters in the car but don’t look like anything can plug into them. Are they something to do with the aerial? I’m stumped - hope somebody can help! 🤫
  4. Hi - am new here - big thanks in advance! Electrical question re: van switching between vehicle & leisure batteries when stopped. Sorry - hard to explain - bit complicated - pls be patient with me - Have a Bailey Senator Series 5 Louisiana Twin Axle long thingy Am on my 3rd Senator Twin! Tend to do long runs - FR Alps - The Med in summer & then just down road to New Forest in winter months - love it - instant get-away if work is quiet. On one level in normal use there is no problem here - but something bugs me despite the fact that I work with electric
  5. I recently had a detachable towbar and vehicle specific electrics fitted to a hyundai santa fe 2018. The electrics has been demonstrated to me by the fitter using a full witter cycle carrier with all lights including the fog lights functional. When I connect my caravan the fog lights do not work on the van even the though the van electrics have also been shown to be fully functional on another vehicle. What within the plug/socket enables the fog lights and disables the vehicle fog lights when connected? The 13 pin socket doesnt have a micro switch but I suspect the canbus recognised when a tra
  6. Hope you don’t mind me asking but I have an electrical question regarding our mobile caravan. Compass Amega 2007. Here goes.... When we were away recently connected to an electric hook up, something odd happened to our supply of electricity. Whilst the kettle was boiling the electricity to the kettle stopped. We tried a new electric hook up lead and a different site electric point but all the plug sockets in the van were still not working. All the lights were working fine. The vans main electric fused box had not tripped or the sites. My question is before we pay out for an electrician
  7. Hello All, I noticed that the battery meter in my van was showing the battery had fully discharged - it's the old fashioned needle type not LED so was showing 9v. I've removed the battery and connected it to my charger (AA one) - after about 2 secs this shows the battery is full charged with no faults. So I suspect there's something wrong in the 12v electrics. Any pointers on what to check first an how to go about it? Thanks, Richard
  8. Hi hope someone can help me sort out a problem on a 1990 Abbey Somerset. symptoms are : no water pump no12v fridge  no toilet flush no 12 lights picture of panel below  12v light comes on and also the light moves from car to van but nothing else.  Anyone got a manual please
  9. Good evening all, I have just replaced the towbar electrical socket on the car because of an intermittent connection, all working well now (I hope) . In order to keep the connections dry and free of any weather I wanted to fill the back of the socket with silicon mastic but suddenly thought I am not certain that it will not conduct to some extent and short out the wiring. Does anyone know for sure if this would be ok, or is there something better I could use. Many thanks in advance. John
  10. We are having major problems with the electrics in our 2007 Hobby Prestige (and I'm sure we're not the first!). We've had the caravan since May and so far have had to buy a new transformer (nearly £500), pay for it to be repaired when it went pop again, although sadly they couldn't solve the problem, and then pay out £180 for a second hand one. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work. .. Before I go into all the details, is there anyone on here that thinks they might be able to help please?
  11. Hey, so back in may i came agross a caravan which was old and was starting to show its age, as they wanted a quick sale I got it for a steal! Ive managed to repair and replace most of what I needed to, I am gradually getting there with it all but the electrics are really starting to annoy me, I can’t seem to get it to work, but I also know nothing about electrics or how any of it works, so I have no idea what I’m doing wrong or if it’s broke, I’ll attach photos of the set up, the one thing making me think the zig panel is okay is that the light works?
  12. Hi, need some help please. I have fitted a towbar myself a week ago, was brand new and fitted to a 2006 mondeo. I thought the electric part of fitting the towbar was too easy using scotch clips. However, towing for the first time today I noticed that the RH side lights and rear light are permanently on even without the car lights being on. Also hooked up to a trailer and the RH light is always on too. It's a 7 pin socket. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Swift forum inform me that the Spot light over my mirror and above the kitchen unit should pull free to show a connection block. However, this is not true and I am now informed to dismantle the wooden fascia they are mounted in to access the tight wiring. To do this, the shower wall and wardrobe internal panels have to be removed to access the end screws no chance! The picture attached shows how little movement I have on the wiring and it is impossible to remove. Question 1. Has anybody managed to replace these spots when in this same situation? Question 2. Can a
  14. Hi, looking to get a battery charger for a leisure battery ( exide 115 ah ) to charge the battery over winter at home or leave it on the caravan with the electric hooked up, which are the best options ?? Thanks
  15. Evening, just been away and noticed that every time we put a tap ( doesn't matter which one) on,so the pump engages and the Tv gets interference or goes off, why ? and is there anything to stop it or make it a little better, cheers
  16. Hi, I have recently bought a Sterling Europa 600 and been away a few times - all good. Just 1 small question. When the car is connected to van and switched to CAR the 12v lights etc do not work ( engine off) When switched to van all ok. ( from leisure battery) Not that important but just wonder if it is a wiring problem with the 13pin ( then adapter to 12n and 12s). Fitted by a Merc specialist and showed continuous positive feed Ok . Or is there a relay in the VAN that might need replacing. Can only see this would be used in some kind of emergency when other power sources
  17. Hi, new tow bar on car fitted with 13 pin socket by Toyota dealer, new Sterling caravan . Whilst stationary all road lights on caravan work as they should, when moving and road lights used singly they work as they should. However when brake and indicators applied together, indicators flash rapidly indicating a problem. Car has spent 2 days with Toyota having electrics checked and various new bits fitted. We have just returned from caravan dealer having a load box fitted to compensate for LED's. Problem still happens! Anyone had similar or offer any advice. Thanks
  18. Hi all, I am a newbee (converted from camping to caravan). I have just purchased my first van (Sterling Europa 565 (2009)). Everything works great except the switch on the left as soon as you enter the Caravan. I cannot work out what it is. It does not seem to do anything. Any fellow Europa owners out there that can advise? Thanks
  19. Hi everyone. We recently acquired a 2006 Hobby 700 to put on seasonal pitch in March. Over Christmas we were cleaning it up and electrics worked fine. Have been to it today and connected the hook up lead and trip switch on the main fuse kept tripping. Any ideas please what to check as we're new to this. Hubby thinks maybe some damp has got in somewhere but we are not sure. Thank you! Lizzie
  20. This is an issue that has been annoying me for years, now finally this is my cry for help. Often, but not always, when I stop for lunch or something while car and caravan are connected, I have no pump, lights etc in the caravan. So I have to disconnect the 13-pin plug and make sure I remember to reconnect it before resuming my journey. While disconnected everything works fine. It affects the alarm too - sometimes, but not always, when I activate the alarm when leaving the rig, it immediately sounds the alrm and so I have to turn off the alarm, disconnect and re-engage the alarm.
  21. Hi, I'm having problems with electrics. When plugged in everything works fine no problems. When I try to run off the leisure battery nothing works. There is a rapid clicking sound coming from the fuse box and the meter next to the 12v switch shows no reading. It goes up when I'm plugged in. I've had a play around with a few things. I've taken all the fuses out one by one. When I took 'battery' and 'lights 2' and 'pump' out the ticking stopped. The noise continued when I took any others out. When I switch the pump switch off on the control panel the noise also stops. I think the nois
  22. Odd one - fully charged 12v fitted, connect to EHU - everything works fine. 13v on meter. Disconnect EHU and NOTHING works and voltmeter is static. Have checked fuses in box (bat. fuse esp.) but is there another I have missed - if so where? And is there a re-set I have missed? Could it be the alarm interfering?
  23. Hi All, I've been experiencing something very weird with the inside roof lights in my caravan. Sometimes they work and some times they don't. It is not happening with all of them but only to the inside lights in the bottom half of the van. I have some sockets and the electric toilet flush work fine, even when the lights aren't. Interesting thing is that lights are on and then they stop working and maybe a few hours later they work again. I'm not an certified electrician and I will NOT start fiddling with the cabling myself but is there a way of testing/knowing what's going on so I can
  24. I have just bought a caravan that had a 13 pin connector on. I have taken this off to put the 2 7 pin connectors back on but my 12 s wires are all black except for a green and yellow one. I have put all the black ones with corresponding numbers on and the only spare pin for the yellow green one was the middle pin. The only problem is when I put the switch on the caravan to car I get a noise from my charger like a fan running so I am not using it as I don't want to damage my charger. The black wires were numbered 1 to 6 with no number on the yellow and green one. Can anyone convert the numbers
  25. Hi all We have bought a Lunar Clubman 530/4 1999. We have been sited permanently until recently and able to use electrics full time. We went to site last week for the first time, not realising the EHU wasn't enough to support full electrics, wife put kettle on electric, power lost. Can't find out what's wrong, anyone any ideas? In power unit under the seating are the Fuses appear fine, trip switch ok. Caravan dealer local told us that there is another trip or fuse box in the lunar which is harder to locate? plugged in at home and we had fan working, electric heating working, low lights b
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