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Found 7,971 results

  1. Hello , has any of you experience of getting a decent quote for a £30k plus caravan? Just got CCC renewal quote for £670. Granted, I have a twin axle Adria Alpina, which cannot be fitted with Al Ko wheel lock, as the Al Ko brake drum size prevents fitment, so do not have receivers, that ups the cost, no doubt. Adding a tracker will cost as much as any reduction in premium, so likely no advantage there. I realise an expensive van is always going to be equally expensive to insure, so will probably have to just go with the flow and take it on the chin. Got a few online quotes, with Towergate the best at £100 less, most other insurers decline to quote on a van costing over £30k but, annoyingly, only tell you that having just spent an age inputting all the details. Any pointers gratefully received.
  2. Always worth running a quote through this "broker". Reputable and trustworthy underwriters. http://www.myinsurancequotes.co.uk/caravan-insurance/
  3. I got this seasons insurance for my £27000 caravan from C&MH for just over £200. No wheel clamp required! Two security devices must be used including factory fitted alarm. Three days maximum on driveway at home at any one time. Stored in CASSOA gold facility. I take first £500 of any claim. New for old. C&CC club wanted £500-wheel clamp must be fitted. Nil excess. New for old. It pays to shop around.
  4. 1. In GB, when a trailer is attached to a motor vehicle it becomes one unit and insurance third party liability insurance is required for the whole motor vehicle, just like your car and caravan. 2. You would have to tell your insurer, bearing in mind that fitting a tow bar is a notifiable modification. There are specific tow bar fittings for motorcycles. Have you never seen one on the big Honda touring bikes like the Goldwing? 3. If it's a standard 50mm ball type yes, the tow bar must be Type Approved. However, motorcycle towing attachments often aren't what we trailer pullers are used to in appearance and price. http://www.mono-trail.co.uk/index.html Of course none of the above would apply to a pedal cycle, including electrically assisted with up to a 250 watt motor.
  5. Trackers do work as was shown some time ago when three Swift caravans all fitted were stolen from Preston caravans. The police managed to arrest all involved before any of them had left the city. The recovery rate is about 70% for some which is certainly worthwhile and in general the recovery is very quick so no damage should be done so getting it back is not a problem. The problem there is if it is recovered some time later after others have used it but by then you have probably been paid out anyway. Basically you have to look at the security of your asset and decide for yourself if the cost is worth the extra security to you. Losing a caravan with lots of personal effects inside is very traumatic so there is more to it than just the security point. Even worse if you are away it might leave you stranded miles from home. I would not advertise a tracker as fitted as that may mean the thieves will try and trace it and do more damage, but against that it might prevent a theft so it is not cut and dried. As for the quotes I would stick with the C&CC policy for the extra quoted. Towergate is a large and reputable broker but they do not quote a DEFAQTO rating for their policy which suggests that something is missing, although there also was no copy policy or full details of the insurance that I could find. The FEEFO ratings are simply how easy it is to take out a policy, they are all easy to set up, so to me it is of no relevance. The identity of the insurer is not shown either, although that may be down to them using several, I would want to know who the insurer was though, before going further. We have the C&CC policy which has a five star DEFAQTO rating and is as comprehensive as any I know of. From experience the claims service is excellent which is what counts most if you need it. When I last looked at quotes the C&CC was in the middle of the quotes on cost which is where you would want to be. Those at the cheaper end are likely to have cut costs somewhere to get the premiums down which rules them out for me. You did not buy the cheapest caravan so why risk the cheapest insurance. Using the Nemisis Ultra gets us a 10% discount if that helps.
  6. Thanks all for the responses. I have 2 Nemesis wheel clamps on one side, a Stronghold clamp on the other side and an AlKo hitchlock fitted while stored at home. Will use just the Nemesis clamps and hitchlock while on sites. I accepted that insurance would be much more expensive when we placed the order and just simply paid the difference on the existing previous van policy. Probably was not expecting the renewal premium to double, so raised an eyebrow to say the least. I am totally confident that the van is as safe as it reasonably can be on our property where it is stored. It would be very difficult to extricate it without damaging the van considerably or demolishing 2 reinforced dwarf brick walks a metre high and removing 2 locked vehicles all in view of neighbours. Of course I realise there is no absolute guarantee! Given all this, if it was stolen, I would not want it back, because it will have been damaged to some degree and do not have much faith in authorities being very interested anyway. So a tracker, purely in my own opinion, is a waste of money and would not neccessarily provide a satisfactory outcome in any case. Would rather pay the extra premium at the end of the day, we have made our choice of van, which will be our last (again🤥) and intend to enjoy it. We can afford it, but do not like being taken for a ride, the same routine is done for our car insurance every year, where we can insure our 2 cars, worth much more than the caravan for considerably less. Of course, I realise the risks are very different from an insurers standpoint. so hey ho. thanks again all
  7. I have pointed this out on many previous occasions but here goes again......... A tracker does NOT protect anything against being stolen, and it MAY assist in recovery of a stolen caravan. I consider trackers to be a waste of money (because of the above) so invest my money in physical security measures. None of them are 100% effective BUT they offer the benefit of delaying the commission of any theft (which a tracker, by the very nature of its unknown presence, doesn’t) I pay insurance, if my caravan does get stolen my insurance company pay for a replacement. I would rather it doesn’t get stolen so I take all reasonable steps to prevent its theft in the first place, that involves physical security such as wheel and hitch locks, and they don’t have an annual subscription attached to them! You pays your money and you make your choice. The premium quoted does seem rather high but, as has been said, there are a large number of factors that influence premiums. The only advice I can offer is to shop around as much as possible. Andy
  8. Because when one takes out Travel Insurance it comes with Terms and Conditions which should be read and understood, as I said if not understood get clarification. Yes I do know the local hospital recovers cost from UK Government. Yes in certain circumstances I have not claimed on car and caravan insurance. (Less than excess and twice because the other party paid for repair.) As I said holiday reps advised me the use e111 and EHIC at local NHS the opposite it seems to your reps.
  9. I fully accept that the decision is entirely yours in respect of holiday medical insurance. Having said that, as someone with first hand experience of the staggering cost of repatriation (see my earlier AND JetA1’s posts re cost) I feel your attitude to holiday insurance is somewhat bizarre. I bet you have home, caravan and fully comp car insurance, so why not holiday health insurance?. I always look at the cost of insurance as a percentage of the cost of whatever is insured. It’s usually a very low one. like I said, it’s your decision, and I hope you don’t ever find yourself in the position of regretting it. Good luck if you do because you will need it. As an aside I too find it incredible that a fairly large number of people seem to think that an EHIC card covers them for everything. To them I would suggest they ask themselves the following question..... ”If an EHIC card covers everything how come there is such a thing as (European) holiday insurance? Do you seriously think people (such as me) would pay for something if it offered nothing in addition to my free EHIC” Wake up guys! Andy
  10. Buildings insurance isn’t compulsory. Contents insurance isn’t compulsory. Comprehensive motor insurance isn’t compulsory. Caravan insurance isn’t compulsory. Nor are most other insurances. In all cases, some people can afford to cover the loss, some people take a chance on not needing it, and inevitably, some people who need it don’t have it. I can’t for the life of me think why you’d pick on travel insurance to be compulsory, when the risk of financial loss is likely to be less than, say a fire which totally destroys your home and contents. It’s personal choice. And should stay that way.
  11. I have insured our 2007 Bailey Senator Arizona caravan with Saga for a number of years, mainly because of their New for Old policy for 'vans up to 15 years old. The Saga NfO policy includes a condition that the 'van is serviced by a NCC Approved Workshop annually. I have complied with this requirement using an NCC approved mobile workshop. The caravan is stored in a specially designed area in our large front garden in a very low risk area. However when my renewal documents, renewal is due on 29th May, arrived it still included the annual servicing condition. I queried the servicing requirement with Saga as it was not possible to comply with it. I was advised that, on an individual basis. the Saga underwriters were varying this condition. I subsequently received revised renewal documents with the following additional condition. "CS99 Due to the current COVID-19 lockdown YOU are not required to comply with the Servicing Condition of YOUR CARAVAN until YOUR next renewal date 29/05/2021 and YOU will be allowed 30 days from that date to comply" Whilst welcoming this reasonable variation I, also, asked if Saga were not offering any reduction in the premium as the caravan cannot be used in the near future due to the lockdown and indeed has been unusable for the last 6+ weeks. The renewal premium has risen from £247.63 last year to £253.61 I was, however advised by the Saga operative that Saga were not offering any premium reduction as they were still insuring our 'van against other risks such as fire. However, I feel that the risk to the 'van is considerably less whilst it cannot be used. Have anyone else been offered reduced insurance premiums because of the current situation? I will certainly been looking at other insurers if Saga remain intransigent on this issue. I'd be interested to hear of others in a similar situation.
  12. Compulsory? Of course it shouldn’t. Travel insurance, like most other forms of insurance is entirely optional. Personally, we’ve travelled overseas both with and without it, and no doubt will do again. I don’t think we’re particularly stupid people, but you say we are. Why on earth would you make it compulsory? Back on topic, we, like many other people are unlikely to choose to travel overseas this year, we’ve a £660 Hull-Zeebrugge crossing booked for July, uninsured. If P&O offer us something back because we can’t travel, great, if not we just suck up the cost and move on. We’re hoping to see restrictions lifted and UK caravan sites opened up, they’ll do us just fine.
  13. Hi there! My caravan insurers do not offer "Legal Expenses Cover" with my policy. Does anyone know where I can buy this as a standalone policy? Or indeed ,do I need it? Many thanks. David.
  14. My experience of the police, is when they can't be bothered to even visit you when your caravan's been stolen. They give you a crime number for insurance, and the next time you hear from them, like a month later, is "we've now closed your file" sent by email. Not even a telephone call. And, I haven't yet seen a police car on the streets in the months this has been going on. I've not been to see my mother, who lives a measly 25 miles away in a care home (not 200 miles), although I know can't speak to her properly, only through the glass doors, but would still like to see her. I, and others like me, are following the rules. Its just the few who don't, and nothing gets done at all about them
  15. Sadly there are many instances of illness or injury leaving the driver incapable or unable to drive, either physically or legally but able to be discharged from hospital and go home What happens then, do you hope to start a crowd funding page, as many have to do, or do you have sufficient savings to pay for the repatriation of you, your passengers, car and caravan which can be substantial, more so if the illness or injury requires a medical repatriation. These are not uncommon, the occasional news reports of holidaymakers being injured or taken ill with no, or limited insurance and the sums needed to get home are sobering.
  16. I’ve got a premium Alko hitch lock, 2 Alko wheels locks & an alarm fitted Out caravan is stored in decent CASSOA Gold storage If they still want it they can have it You can only do so much TBH I’ve made sure my van insurance is new for old From personal experience ‘Police response’ would be sketchy at best. I would interested how long it would take them to actually respond
  17. providing everything is right with regards to loading , tyres, car / caravan ratio etc. the answer is no , but it does add extra insurance if the van does go into a wobble / snake.
  18. Hi Can anyone help me please , it’s my 2nd year with caravan. Insurance with my lunar clubman last year I was with caravan Guard this year they give a quote which is the same price as the caravan club insurance Which it better . Thanks for the help
  19. Just a thought.. If your caravan insurance is up for renewal it may be worth taking a look at Safeguard who offer AA car and caravan UK/Europe breakdown insurance for £65-70pa Never had to call on them for assistance, so can't comment on the service. Full details on their website.
  20. We used to stay on a site from March until October with no issue. We then moved to another site for the winter months and paid the extra for a fully serviced pitch with additional water and waste hookup. We lived like that for 2 1/2 years with no issues however we had a twin axle caravan. We did have a major issue with the caravan that required it going back to the factory and the dealer loaned us another caravan. Servicing was done on site. We used my father's address for all post and registration of vehicle. Insurance had father's address bu7t with vehicle located at campsite. Hardest part was getting the caravan insured.
  21. I think there are two separate elements to this cover exclusion. My insurance is for EU (+UK) only. It is also not for disruption, mainly medical plus a few incidentals like public liability and legal help etc. I reason that having our caravan and only booking the tunnel at the last minute and never booking sites, I am unlikely to have much trouble with disruption in the wider sense. I get the feeling that the withdrawal of cover due to the virus is aimed at the disruption element in most cases, not the medical.
  22. I am currently insured with LV, and have my OH as a named driver. Although she has her own car, there is absolutely no way she would attempt to drive mine, solo, let alone with a caravan on tow. If the situation ever arose whereby, having Red Pennant breakdown cover, I was incapacitated in Europe and the car and caravan requiring to be brought back to the UK, does anyone know if RP would supply a driver, or would this be refused on the grounds that my OH is named on the car insurance?
  23. Welcome to the forum Phil. The first things to look at before looking at a caravan is your potential tow car and your licence. You need to establish the kerb and gross laden weights and towing capacity of the car. Essentially the kerb weight should not be lower than the MTPLM (the maximum weight for the caravan) and preferably by a good margin. The two clubs and the trade body suggest a towing ratio where the MTPLM of the caravan does not exceed 85% of the cars kerb weight. You allow 75 KG for the driver and luggage if this is not in the manufacturers figures. The ratio has no legal standing and may be a bit out dated but the basic idea is sound. Some cars will have a towing limit below that so if it has that is the limit you can tow. If the gross laden weight of the car and the MTPLM of the caravan exceed 3,500 kg you will need to make sure you have a B + E licence. If you passed your test before 1997 you should have this but if not you need an additional test to get it if you need to tow above 3,500 kg. The choice of caravan is very personal, so you have to find what suits you. Twin axles and in particular Hobby models are traveller's favourites. Hobby caravans do seem to have a higher theft rate than the others though, although there should be very little trouble getting them on sites. A few continental sites do ban them as a way of keeping travellers off, but many ban twin axles altogether or except by special arrangement, due to smaller pitches than here. Over here there should be no problem provided you do not have an old transit van. A few insurers do not like them either, but many accept them so insurance should be simple enough.
  24. While the BH&HPA are a trade body, they are keen that their members should maintain trust in their customers, so it could still be worthwhile asking them what their recommendations are. The customer body is NACO (National Association of Caravan Owners) https://www.nacoservices.com/search?kw=business+rates and they may be able to give some useful advice - you may have to join first. Some of the static caravan insurance companies also have help pages, or you can ask the local Trading Standards (local to the area of the caravan park). It all depends how much the share of the rates are, and how worthwhile you feel the aggravation of pushing it is, but it rarely hurts to ask the question.
  25. Hello Revelry, and to Caravan Talk. You’ll get every sort of reply to your question about Clubs from “I’m in both” to “Don’t bother with either”. And from “I only joined for the CLs and CSs” to “I only joined for the big club-sites”. Plus “I only join for the insurance and recovery”. And you’ll get the debates about one’s too posh and the other isn’t posh enough. I’ll just say, if you can afford it, then join both for the first year and see what you think - you don’t have to sign up for life 🙂. And check out the Clubs section here for similar discussions. John
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