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  1. After some very hard work last Sunday I got the borrowed wheels onto the van I’ve purchased. The bearing size was spot on - 35mm ID. Getting the old bearings off with the wheels proved impossible though - the inner one stuck solid onto the stub axle and whilst I managed to tap one side off without destroying it completely, the other bearing ended up in multiple pieces and I eventually hammered off the inner ring with a cold chisel behind it...
  2. It’s the stub axle that’s critical in terms of size, and you can’t see that until the wheel is knocked off it... Anyway here’s the result of a hard afternoons work...
  3. Hi, I’d be very grateful for any help. I’ve bought a static that will need to be resited. It’s been partially sat on the tyres, one at least is completely perished and will not allow for the van to be moved off the site. I’ve a friend with a static who will allow me to borrow his wheels. Can I assume that they are generally the same general type and axle size? What size is the hub nut likely to be? Many thanks in advance for any advice. (photo shows better wheel - can’t upload other photo at the mo!)
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