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  1. I do. Volvo XC40 T4 AWD. It pulls well enough and economy is bearable. The next car will almost certainly be a PHEV.
  2. This sort of thing is often a poor earth somewhere, perhaps a corroded bulb holder or (as was the case with mine) a wrong bulb fitted. It’s worth checking all the bulbs and their holders, which on many caravans is a 5 minute job with no special tools needed.
  3. I assume the cover just unclips. I say this because on delivery of our newly-acquired van this cover was loose in the fridge; I just pressed it into place where it went home with a click and it now feels very secure.
  4. They are just single-DIN car radios so should be easily interchangeable - especially with the ISO connectors described above. If you have tried different radios which have the same connectors and nothing is working, you should check that all fuses are OK (there may be an inline fuse to the radio) and that your 12v master switch is on.
  5. I assume you tried a sharp tap on the locker to try and dislodge the cable? I know I would have given it more than a light slap! Perhaps you could try this (or the good suggestion above) in combination with having the nose as high as you can safely get it?
  6. Not talking during hitching - this is similar to the approach taken in aviation, which demands a "sterile cockpit" during safety-critical phases of flight such as departure and landing - no non-essential conversation is allowed to avoid the risk of distraction from the task at hand. I read a good post recently from someone saying that if they do get interrupted during hitching they will reset and start again.
  7. I recently paid £40 for a 6kg propane cylinder on Facebook Marketplace - I figured that was the price of a new contract so not a bargain but not a rip-off. When I got it home I weighed it and found it was 2/3 full, which was a nice bonus.
  8. I recently bought our first van and looked for an awning. There were lots of "out of stock" messages on websites but one showed "available for home delivery" so I pounced on it. After a week of no delivery and no update from the supplier I called them - they said that they don't actually hold stock and get them shipped directly from the manufacturer, who - it turns out - aren't expecting stock until "mid-late June". I was not happy, since we are going away at the end of this month and were hoping to take the awning with us. The website in question was updated to "out of stock" shortly after my call. However, I have just received a text message stating that a delivery will be with me tomorrow - the only think I can think it is is the awning, so I will hold my tongue and not name names until I know what's what. If it IS the awning I will completely reverse my disappointment with the supplier to that of gratitude.
  9. I am wondering about whether to take the CampingGaz cylinder/regulator I have for outside cooking, or a connector and pipe to the van’s external point. One consideration for me is the extra weight of an additional cylinder vs using the onboard cylinder that I’ll be taking anyway. I’m tending towards using the external point.
  10. Some cars do have laminated side windows - a possible issue is breaking the window to escape the car in an accident; a toughened glass window will shatter and allow egress but a laminated one keeps you inside the car.
  11. There will be a money-driven objective underneath this. The more often a workshop can connect with you the more chance there is to sell you something. Sometimes this may be a genuine need - like an overlooked tyre, wiper blade, bulb, whatever or sometimes it will be an added-benefit offer - we notice your brakes are getting worn, would you like your air conditioning system cleaned etc. There will almost certainly be a kick-back to Green Flag.
  12. I’m awaiting delivery of a Sunncamp 390 awning for our Bailey Pegasus GT65 Rimini - as above we measured carefully from the very narrow strip between the open door and the front window to behind the rear window - 380cm was the minimum so we looked for an awning between 380 and 400. The front will cover the battery box but I guess that once set up and EHU installed there should be no need to go in there. The rear we had to have far enough back to clear the locker under the rear bed as we figured we may wish to access that. The alternative was a much smaller porch to essentially just cover the door area.
  13. I have only pulled our caravan once - home from the dealer. However as an avid manual-reader I note that Bailey state they should be open.
  14. I did my first water fill of our newly-acquired van last night. I had this thread in mind as I started. Due to having the van parked close to a wall on the offside there is no room for an Aquaroll to stand, so I filled a clean bucket with water and used that. The benefit is that you can see that the pump is submerged and you can see if the water level is dropping. I had a hosepipe connected to an outside tap on the house to keep the bucket topped up as the level dropped. I made sure to submerge the pump before connecting to the inlet, to enable it to fill effectively. I then switched on the pump from the control panel and off it went. I did the hot water circuit first at the kitchen tap, then cold. I repeated this at the bathroom basin and shower - all bled quickly and it was all done in 3-4 minutes. Not trying to gloat, just offering my experience as a complete first timer in the hope it might trigger a helpful thought or response.
  15. The Road Scotland Act 1984 section 56 appears to deal specifically with "Control of works and excavations" which, in my untrained opinion, has no bearing at all on caravan parking. However section 59 may apply, although this relates specifically to anything that is causing an obstruction - if there is no obstruction then I would argue this doesn't apply. Section 87 may also apply although, again, it states "capable of causing an obstruction".
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