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  1. Dot Roy


    Thank you 😊
  2. Dot Roy


    Hi, I have a caravan with a 7 pin plug and a spare wire with 5 wires. Can I join them together and use a 13 pin plug which my new car has?
  3. we haven't used them before, this is the first year with this caravan. Our first caravan was really old and didnt have a shower and the taps were tiny so used the site facilities, looking forward to using our own this year
  4. we will definitly go with the float option, seems much safer. thanks for the info
  5. Thanks 😊
  6. Yes we are lucky to have a fully serviced pitch at Clachtoll for 4 weeks this year 😊
  7. Hi, we plan to use our shower and wash dishes in the caravan this year so want to have water directly in to the caravan. We have been advised to still use a barrel as the water pressure may be to strong to go directly into the caravan..... is there a way round this?
  8. I’m at the caravan now and can’t see any trip switch on the fire. Also have no idea where the PCB is πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
  9. thanks guys, new to having a fire in our caravan so appreciate your help. We will order a PCB see how it goes. I dont understand why they make it all so complicated and expensive
  10. thank you we are trying everything before having to remove the gas, we did at first think it might be the element but the control switch doesnt light up either so are thinking it could be a connection oir fuse somewhere? Will be at the caravan today so fingers crossed
  11. hi, its the fire, not the water heater.
  12. ok, i'll have to find out where that is. i will check the manual, thanks
  13. Hi I am trying to narrow down an issue with our Abbey Freestyle 470 caravan (2006 model) our Truma Ultraheat fire works fine on gass but not electric. we have been told there is a trip switch which we cant find. Would like to try find this first before replacing any parts.
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