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  1. Are towing accidents significantly more common in mainland Europe?
  2. Our 2016 didn't have Command either (thankfully). Agree though, it shouldn't be consuming that much power
  3. The model I was thinking of was the 2021 Adria Alpina Colorado - I have a pricelist / spec sheet from a local dealer that lists it as MIRO 1838, MTPLM 1900, payload 62kg. There's an option to upgrade to 2000kg MTPLM. Adria's website implies that 2000kg is the standard MTPLM though, with no option to upgrade further so maybe it's something they fixed prior to sales taking place. The 2021 Adora Sava figures are a close shave too using the formula @joanieprovided, so much so that the MIRO looks a little suspect to my eyes - as in it looks like they took the nice round MTPLM figure of 1900kg and subtracted 178kg (the NCC figure) to arrive at the MIRO. I wonder what the actual unladen weight is....
  4. And there are NCC approved caravans out there that don't meet the NCC formula, AFAIK
  5. I've just removed several knives, a measuring jug and three x more pegs than things we have to peg. I've also just made 8 lightweight blocks to go under steadies etc. (about 240g each compared to the 650 - 750g of the ones they will replace) so that's another 3 -4kg regained! I'll be going through the DVD collection which seems to have multiplied, despite the kids mostly watching Netflix these days.
  6. While not sat in an armchair, I was able to contact the CMC in office hours via the online chat facility - obviously not an option if you are driving, operating machinery etc. Our concern was about a booking that hadn't yet happened, rather than being away on holiday at the time. Perhaps that's where our experiences differ I will say this though, the CMC were up and running with the contact team working fairly efficiently from home far quicker than P&O were who seemingly only had a couple of very friendly but under-informed Twitter staff
  7. that's a bit of a weird statement - we're not talking about the weight of the caravan, we are talking about being able to take the things that many of us want to and to carry them legally. We happen to have gone down the twin axle route this time, but that was purely accidental. A lot of the payload complaints apply equally to smaller single axle caravans where giving a decent payload would still result in a lower MTPLM than say the pitifully payload-ed Buccaneers.
  8. That's an easy one. We are a family of four. The car has a decent boot in that it will take our two comfy chairs, the awning side panels, some booze, the hitch lock and wheel locks, waterproofs. Not much else. Bikes on the roof That means that I want in the caravan: AWD movers (60kg) 2 calor lites (30kg) Fiamma Caravanstore and poles (20kg) Battery (25kg) Everything else for four people for two weeks (about 180kg) I've just repacked our new caravan and it is not packed to the gun-walls but I am sure we will be at about our payload limit (295kg). I don't think it's unreasonable to be able to expect to order a caravan that can take the kit that many of us use every trip. Even if we dumped the Fiamma and settled for a single axle mover, we'd still be needing a payload of 250kg. I wish I had a pair of those sunglasses!
  9. We were booked through the CMC last year for Hull Zeebrugge with camping booked too. The CMC could not have handled it any better, IMHO. We got a full refund, were always able to contact them and had everything explained fully (over what was quite a protracted process). I would recommend them to anyone.
  10. Fair point, but as I understood it, you were only looking at a twin axle to increase payload. There are definitely single axle vans out there with the high payload --just not made by UK manufacturers for the UK market. With those, you might escape some of the stigma... we certainly find some of the EU vans a bit questionable on decor (either blingy or too dark) but I think Adria and Knauss have come a long way towards UK specific tastes in recent years. Nothing I've seen in 5th Wheel territory has made me envious other than the space on offer. Hopefully you have more luck!
  11. I'm wondering if you have considered an EU van, given that the UK manufacturers won't (not can't) give you the payload you need? An Adria Alpina Mississippi can bbe had with 292kg payload or a Hobby DE LUXE 540 UFf can have a payload in excess of 400kg.
  12. Pretty sure it's still the Euro axle (not Delta) but with a higher payload. I don't know how they get the raising Also higher payloads for South Africa https://www.loftuscaravans.co.za/new-products/swift-caravans/swift-coastline And who wants a Sprite Alpine with a payload of 370kg? https://www.jankrul.nl/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/2021-Sprite-Brochure-NL-DE-FR.pdf Perhaps the question is...which dealer is going to take the plunge and ask Swift for a Dealer Special range with high payloads as it's USP? These caravans are all coming out of Cottingham...
  13. Buy an Australian export Swift - you can have a 460kg payload on a single axle then! https://www.swiftrv.com.au/swift-explorer-mk3
  14. This really is a mystery, isn't it? Especially when MH insurance is covering you for 3rd party stuff when out on the open road. Caravan insurance is essentially just theft and damage (there can't be many 3rd party claims).
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