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  1. We're looking at a 2020 Adora Sava - it's new stock although it's a 2020 caravan. I'm fairly happy with the caravan and that it will suit our needs (little nervous about the extra width) but I realise I haven't seen anything about warranty. Does anyone know what the deal is with Adria and warranty - is it with the dealer or manufacturer? And does it being a 2020 caravan mean I lose a year of whatever that warrant is? Thanks in advance,
  2. Very true - one of my favourite recent layouts is only offered by Lunar but I don't exactly want to shell out £20k without a warranty!
  3. Thanks, and yes, I've been scoping out the roads and they are as you say; narrow but with generally good visibility. I had also looked at Bute on the way home. In terms of roads, the Bute option seems to keep you on more A roads and would cut down on a fair amount of distances too. It's about £60 for us to do both of those ferries and saves about 45 miles compared to the road route via the A82 / A83. I've currently got four nights to play with after we leave Islay, but that must also get us back to Yorkshire, which is a fairly long drive from, say Glasgow. Currently w
  4. First vaccines today for us - the AZ it turned out. The check in chap told me I didn't look my age and the nurse giving me the jab said I had nice muscles. I don't think either are true, must be some kind of relaxation technique they use on people. A 35 minute drive for us, though there are nearer centres.
  5. Thanks for the information. I guess we will have to take the weather as a potential to disrupt our itinerary. I'm pretty sure we will go via Arran on our way to Islay, but we may use Gourock to Dunoon on the way home (in conjunction with Tarbert to Portvadie. Though this will mean a b-road jaunt from Auchenbreck to Dalinlongart.
  6. After looking at options for this, we've decided on Islay and are now booked in at Port Mor in August. The current plan is to get there by island hopping from Arran. Anyone done this? How's it compare to the road route? Which looks like a long way round on the A83.
  7. It's quite common in continental caravans and apparently a very good option - especially if your main heat source is gas and you want to make the most of EHU. Not sure what you would need to fit over it though, presumably you will lose internal height and add weight? We have it in the bathroom at home. It's very effective.
  8. We will certainly consider that - specially as the caravan is due some warranty work next month. Problem is bridging the gap financially, I don't have £30k resting in my bank account and no friendly "donors". Might need to look into loans / finance with early repayment options.
  9. Tricky one this. We've just decided that we really want to swap vans. It's clearly a bad time to buy second hand (expensive) or new (rare) and normally I'd just decide to sit tight until the NEC show (assuming it happens). On the other hand. part of me think s that we are never going to get a better trade in price for our 2016 family layout Sprite! I guess it comes down to whether we can secure what we want to trade it in against...
  10. It kind of depends where in the Lakes you are going. Wetherby to Windermere is currently 2 minutes quicker via the A66 but 22 miles further. if the destination is Keswick, the A65 is 45 minutes slower and slightly further!
  11. No problem, if you do find it full, you can swing round the next roundabout and try the other side of the road (where the two Dutch caravans are on Google). And if that's full too you can always go back to the one on the A59
  12. Correct. Not done this with the caravan, but I don't recall any issues
  13. I can't think of any supermarkets or similar that would be easy to get into on that route. Once you are off the A1, all of the services are only really petrol stations. This layby might be your best bet, on the A65 as you go round the north of Skipton. There aren't many laybys on this route so it does get popular! https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.970842,-2.0195315,3a,75y,261.93h,89.25t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sda6vO_Rvh-Hf_ugJeiMXhg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192 To get into this one on the way into Ilkley, you would have to cross the traffic, but it's a wide road and 40mph so n
  14. I think all of these routes would be fine - we use these roads a lot. Greenhow Hill is pretty steep and with cycles on these roads, you need to be quite patient which may take the fun element out of it. Maybe save that bit for a a solo day out? Personally, I'd be guided by Google on the day. Harrogate is a pain when busy and there are temporary roadworks at the moment. But Knaresborough has few tight turns and is generally not the quickest route. Currently, Google is saying the A1 and Harrogate is 20 mins quicker than M1, M62, Bradford - Keighley. It's probably a ni
  15. Hopefully you'll have vinyl flooring under the carpet. It's a great option, especially if you have kids. We've taken the carpets out of our caravan (the removable type), it even came with them in the toilet! The vinyl is slightly soft, so absorbs impacts, it's light, flexible and waterproof. No need for a hoover, a lightweight dustpan does the job in seconds. we've opted for a rug in the lounge, which we bung through the washing machine a couple of times a year
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