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  1. The lockout won't move and it's round 😩
  2. We've looked at this only problem the tank of empty and we don't know how to fill it
  3. When I switch the pump on the little green light comes on. The battery meter needle does not move where as when I turn a light on the needle slightly moves
  4. The pressure screw is at the back of the tank will try and turn the switch
  5. The pump was working last year this is first time out this season
  6. Battery fully charged. All other 12 v working the switches are on there a is little green light next to the pump switch which lights up when I turn it on. I know it's not the pump we've tri's someone else and that didnt work. Checked fuse that's fine the battery meter showing 14.
  7. Hi currently away in our bailey Olympus 2012 pump not working. Tried on someone else caravan and it works. So it must be a caravan issue anyone else had this problem please and how can I fix it. Currently no water and no noise from the pump, battery fully charged. Help x
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