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  1. how did you get it out? does it just pop off? i need mine done
  2. Just me and the wife mate, she only has a 1gb monthly allowance
  3. Yeah i know, like i said earlier though if you need to go somewhere and you need your phone , everyone else is knackered
  4. Just a heads up about the router vid i posted, just came back from a 3 day jaunt and it worked flawless, i had my firestick in the back of the tv set ( this is a normal voltage tv set not 12v) and my iptv fired up and watched every channel sky everything, just thought i would update, if you are after a tv i thoroughly recommend this lg from argos, if you are on ehu all the time its a no brainer
  5. Seen them mate thanks, as for the diameter its just held in by 1 screw, thanks for your reply anyway 👍
  6. The one in my van
  7. Anyone found a suitable replacement for a modern clock rather than the extremely old fashion analogue one ?
  8. Ok mate cheers for the reply 👍
  9. Is this lidl stuff used in the flush tank also? Someone asked earlier but no reply,
  10. i have just been chatting to my mate about this and he sent me THIS looks ok so ordered one , see if its any good, there are 2 aerials that he didn't get with his, he said his worked fine, he sold it with the caravan though and doest use one anymore
  11. Yeh, might spray them on the van and just mask them off
  12. yeah its a old 2 berth swift shauna, didnt want to go mad with out first caravan incase we aint suited to it, was toying with taking them off and spraying them tbh, just not sure whats underneath !
  13. Thanks will look later at that link jaydug, anyway these are the ones I want to replace, thanks for the swift replies
  14. Are these specific parts from the dealer or universal? I tried everywhere so i can replace the ones on my van but can't find them, anyone done this?
  15. Yeah i know i need a data sim, might go with giff gaff as you only pay as you use, no need for top up if not using, i have been with ee for years might give them a ring and see what they offer
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