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  1. I'm new to Coacman myself and so far so good. Overall build quality seems very good. No issues with the rain and water ingress over the last few days and it has certainly been well tested. A few small snagging issues but nothing major so far. Regarding towing it seems to have impeccable manners and I had my nose weight at 98.
  2. 100% agree and must confess on the smaller of the two trailers that I pull I jump out, unhitch and turn the trailer around by hand. I'm new to caravans but so far have been very comfortable reversing and take a nice slow and steady approach. I have found it quite intuitive. I backed ir onto the pitch on our first outing and got it right first time, which I was chuffed about. That said, I am still glad of the motor mover as it made levelling the van much easier and also as Griff said it helps with fitting the security locks. I also need it for acccess at home which is im
  3. Personally for that amount of money I would look at a dealer purchase and secure some warranty from them. You will pay more but you would also have some peace of mind and someone to fallback on if you have any issues.
  4. That's a good tip - thanks! I guess keeping the rail lubricated with silicon spray is also a good move. Are any particular brands any better than others?
  5. I have heard mixed reviews about awning rail protectors. A couple of different people I have spoken to have commented that it is a pain removing it onsite to fit the awning and then reapplying the protector after the awning comes down. I would be interested in the views of those that use a protector and especially whether or not it is easy to swap it in and out on each trip. Is it a fiddly and painstaking job or does it happily swap in and swap out?
  6. A breakthrough! I have man handled the shower valve and found it would turn a little whilst in situ. By jiggling it around and changing its position it has freed up the flow of the hot water. Clearly it wasn’t fitted correctly and it will still need a visit to the dealers to refit it. However, at least I have found the source of the issue and it prevents them lifting floors and undoing panelling in search of the problem.
  7. Yes, I have eliminated the shower hose so it’s either at the back of the valve or some way along the branch pipe after the sink. it would involve tools and undoing fixings and I don’t want to go there with it being brand new. A trip to the dealers looks inevitable.
  8. Sadly I can't see one of those anywhere as that would have been a good suggestion. Good news! I have cured the pulsating water supply issue. I fixed it by re-calibrating the IC Control unit on the inside of the van where the Whale Pump plugs in. After doing the calibration the water now flows continuously. Happy days! Bad news! However, the hot water flow to the shower is still a problem. It is just a trickle and has no pressure. Incidentally the hot taps bathroom and kitchen are fine and when they are on the pump kicks in. However, when running the
  9. Only been able to use the Aquaroll with the onboard pump so far. We have the direct feed option but haven't been in close enough promising to a tap to reach with the supplied hose so far. It strikes me that it should surely work off the Aquaroll and onboard water. Yes, I tried the boost option and also gas as a blended option but with no impact.
  10. Got to say having used the shower in anger this weekend I don't think it is working correctly. If you run it in the cold position you get a reasonable flow of water which runs for about 9 seconds, then has a 5 second break and then runs again in this sequence. Now as I don't know any different that might be how it works in a caravan with a pump in a Aquaroll. Any thoughts especially from anyone else with a Coachman and their experience? Now if you turn to the hot water it is ridiculous. You get just a mere dribble of water coming through the shower head and not enough t
  11. False start yesterday - back to dealers with a fridge issue All packed (or naivley we think so) nose weight coming in at about 98 so all good. if you are in North Yorkshire today please be kind and let me through
  12. All very interesting - thanks for the comments and feedback.
  13. That was what I was thinking - maybe I should be a trail blazer...
  14. A little pricey considering what it is but thinking about getting one of these Washmatik cleaning systems. I like the fact that you can take the bucket to the van without the need for a hosepipe supply which would be useful. Likewise the fact that the brush isn't going back into the bucket at any point is a positive. Is anyone already using the system?
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