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  1. Have you done a search on eBay - there are quite a few Dometic PCB's listed.
  2. @Dai the stagenjoy every minute - just one word of advice, do everything at your own pace, don't be rushed. Let the adventures begin!
  3. I picked up the single canister regulator and 6 Coleman canisters from Go Outdoors with the extra 10% CMC discount. What is the situation with carrying the canisters - if I have all six in the front locker is there any issues or risks to the canisters with the temperatures we are currently experiencing? Or is it a case as long as they are not in direct sunlight they are safe to carry. Obviously I don't want them in the main cabin of the caravan.
  4. Sorry Mr Plodd I lured you in.... Those are the spare set of identical mirrors that I have invested in and will be keeping in the van as a belts and braces in the event that my existing ones are damaged or lost. Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. This is where my Milenco Platinums are going to be stored as we set off on our summer adventures.
  6. Gone for the Kampa one as it has a securing pin in the centre of the uprights. Looked at the Royal one but the two sections that make up the upright are not very secure. I could imagine with towels pegged on and a small gust of wind and I would have a new TV antenna.
  7. No way would I want the dealer to have started stripping down the bathroom to sort the offending blemish mark as they would probably have caused more damage. Similar to @thensum the blemish was quite small and only noticeable if you were a super sleuth.
  8. Picked up a refill from a Calor dealer this morning and they had loads of 6kg in their yard. Asked if they were doing new contracts and he said "yes, they started accepting new contracts for new customers about 2 weeks ago"
  9. We had a couple of marks on our new Coachman and the dealer used a wax stick to blend them in.
  10. There is a very good chance this is the issue. The fuse on mine was taped to the cable when we picked it up. The dealer removed it and inserted it as I asked what it was. The following day, the same as you no solar charging. I checked the fuse and the dealer had pushed it in but the wrong way round. I removed the fuse, inserted it correctly and all was good.
  11. I would strongly recommend Floe as part of your regime moving forward. Floe Draindown Video By removing as much water as you can you are removing the source for bacteria to thrive.
  12. I am looking at buying the Kampa Rotary 4 Arm Airer. A question for those that have the Kampa version please: When erected are the two poles in the middle actually interlocked and secured with a pin? Or do the 2 poles just push together? Thank you
  13. Ordered the twin axle version - thought we would give it a go.
  14. Frustrating but glad to hear you have received some great support.
  15. It beggars belief why the rest of the manufacturers don't do this. I was totally surprised to find out that the draft skirt didn't fit our newly built 2021 van when we erected the awning for the first time. Caravan design and development is so slow to adapt to the customers needs, so much seems so dated and backwards and not particularly thought through. Some fine examples of ingenuity on this thread though ladies and gentlemen.
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