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  1. Search eBay “pol to butane nut adaptor” This 27mm clip adaptor Here
  2. Do you understand how a hitch works ? You need to then you will understand when it is properly hitched. When you have hitched up look at the hitch. Is it right over the ball ? Look underneath the hitch. Can you see the tang hooked under the shoulder underneath the ball. As pointed out best way is to wind down jockey wheel after hitching & see back of car ride up with hitch.
  3. Yes Alan Stanley. I assume you sent your email in French or do you expect them to read English ? The same ridiculous application of petty rules apply to other popular holiday destinations for Brits. This will be USA Canada Australia etc so presumably you will be sending similar emails to their Embassies & FYI those countries mentioned do speak English. I suppose worth pointing out that this illegal food thing has only come to light & become a talking point afaik due to one occasion when the Dutch decided to make as issue of it by making truck drivers landing at Hook o
  4. This will be EU type approval yes ? A quick google suggests this is no longer recognised in UK. I would therefore guess that if the op wants to uprate his caravan he needs to crawl underneath & check the weights stamped on axle or axles & he can have a plate made up to that weight. Affix to caravan. Remove all other plates & he is good to go. Why would the new plate not be “genuine” ?
  5. Well yes. They could only find out if it was not overloaded according to weight plate by weighing it. Can you answer my question though ? Why would it not be legal to make up a weight plate that indicated weight stamped on axle provided that was the only visible plate & all previous plates had been removed. B+E licence refers to plated weights not actual weight so inspectors could tell if driver was licensed to drive outfit just by looking at weight plates on car & caravan
  6. Can somebody with knowledge explain please. If the caravan axle is for example stamped with a weight of 1500kg why can’t you have a plate made up stating that weight as max gross weight ? Obviously if caravan is within warranty there might be an issue there. Legally though I cannot see a issue. I don’t believe inspectors at roadside checks will have a list of caravan makes models & original weights. I would have thought inspectors will be checking caravan is roadworthy. Not overloaded according to weight plate. Drivers licence & maybe vin no against stolen database. I doubt
  7. Ebay seller Here does plates stamped with whatever you want. How is this not legal though if plate is stamped with the weight indicated on the axle ? There is no official registration or mot’s of caravans in the UK so provided C&U laws are complied with ie maker’s max axle weight is not exceeded then ok presumably ? Only thing for B licence only holders to watch is upgraded weight does not put them over 3500kg.
  8. The cut to size sponge mat has short life I find. I now use a clear plastic square shower mat about £6 from Dunhelm.
  9. It could well have an onboard water tank with a filler cap on outside of caravan. If you need a gas bottle a 6kg Repsol will do the job with regulator & hose to connect to metal gas pipe in front locker. Continental vans generally have screw on fitting for rubber gas hose from bottle to metal gas pipe. Everything else you can work out for yourself. Provided gas supply is working then cooker will light in normal way. What is history of caravan ? Has it been serviced recently ? What are tyres like ? If old they should be replaced. What do you mean about getting stuff sent
  10. Why would anybody want to spend 2 days with a truck driver ? What would they learn ? Not a lot I bet. Decades ago I found best way was to let all of it go over my head. Let the “fastards” (Tom Topper anybody ? )get on with it & just laugh at them. It has always worked for me.
  11. Having spent my working life as an hgv 1 driver it does make me a more considerate caravanner. Usually I drive with the trucks at around 55mph which with optimistic car speedos usually an indicated just under 60. If I am passing trucks on a motorway I can usually tell when they need to overtake ie on an incline when they are approaching a slower truck so I slow down & flash them out. If you don’t do that then expect trucks to pull out across your bow. Beware of left hooker foreign trucks with drivers that might not have slept for days. They may not even see you which why you of
  12. How much warning does it give you before a motorway exit ?
  13. There will always be useless drivers. Some people no matter how many years they have been driving have failed to develop the necessary skills. If these people then hitch up to a caravan they will still be useless & even more dangerous. Many people cannot navigate & these can be people who have been driving for decades. For them satnavs have been a boon but the satnav itself causes a distraction when they prioritise satnav instructions over roadcraft. Younger drivers I have talked to appear to be uninterested in maps. They don’t appear to see any relevance in the rel
  14. Grass is my crop of choice. My only required gardening implement is a Flymo.
  15. Will be forum total 131.
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