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  1. I agree with you although I would be the first to ask how's that possible without causing nuisance for others and yourself.
  2. How about wild camping in a motor home mixed with camping in a camp site?
  3. My only issue with panel van is that they are not as good as a solution as a caravan in terms of living inside. But I see your point :/ Another thing is if you put solar panels on the van it would quickly be spotted as someone is living inside it, isn't it?
  4. Well let's start with, I'm young, 25 year old, I am single, I have a full time job and that's starting to feel heavy on me. I'm loving the idea to be independent, have my own house on wheels, the house is self-sufficient (solar, wind although gas isn't) so it pollutes less. Space wise it's absolutely fine, I like minimalistic living so I don't need a lot, I have my own furniture (japanese) so I can make use of a lot of space in the caravan, and I can live in theory anywhere I want. I love the idea that I won't have to pay rent and because of that I can afford to work part time and live life more free.
  5. I appreciate that you're trying to make me aware. Can you mention a few just to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that I didn't think of? I can think of some but I am not bothered because of the advantages living in a touring caravan will give me.
  6. I don't, my sister has some. I'm considering this seriously. I thank everyone for the tips they really help. I think I have enough for now to start moving by myself. I will keep this thread in mind as I will probably come back with other questions. The Facebook group definitely helps and all the things you guys have told me have answered most of my questions which is great.
  7. What's the worst that can happen if the council finds out you're living in a caravan in someone's private land with their permission?
  8. Hi everyone, I don't want to get into big discussions but I want to see how feasible this is in UK. My main worries are electricity and insurance of the car and where to park/live. I have Google already and I found out that I can pay someone to park and live on a private land, that could be an option but I'd rather avoid. Another issue is, how would I recharge the batteries? I can only think of petrol generators which I'd rather avoid and solar panels but I'm unsure how functional they can be in UK since it isn't very sunny often. I would mainly charge my laptop, phone, a few other electronic gadgets but not every day. I would definitely need a decent supply of electricity, not huge. What options do I have? How feasible is to live in UK in a caravan? I don't own a house so I am worried about where to insure my car as well. Seems to like like I would need to find a private owned land where to park and live. I wonder how much do people charge usually for this kind of things.
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