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  1. Thanks Mr Plod, I tow with a 180bhp X3 at the moment and it is adequate, but I do feel it lacks a bit of umph. Looking forward to getting a heavier car too as I felt the x3 was right on the limit with it.
  2. Hi, ive got a swift Eccles 590 2018, had it from new and it’s still in warranty. Every time I turn the power on the Jvc stereo comes on which I find really annoying. Should it come on as soon as I switch the power on in the van? also, my carpet in the kitchen has a press stud on the carpet to fix it down but not one on the floor for it to fix too.... I’ve asked why and just get fobbed off - I’ve not let it drop though. Anyone else come a cross this? cheers, sparkster
  3. It’s for their trailer assist system which lets you reverse your trailer / caravan by using the touch pad and camera on the console. Sounds amazing and I think it would be for a horse box or something like that but for an AL-KO hitch that grips the tow ball then apparently it’s not good and can quickly cause excessive wear on the pads and sensor. That’s why I’m looking to either an independent one fitted or an Audi detachable one. I cannot tell you how much I’ve researched this lol. Good to know Fred - did they have to cut any of your bumper away? I’m told Q7’s have tow bar prep and no upgrades needed. Going to get that in writing
  4. Not buying new. 2ish years old ideally. Here’s a pic of the rubber sensors on the tow bar I’m referring to. I’ve decided to go for the 282bhp and am getting firm prices for the factory fit tow bar. thanks for the great advice. Can’t wait to get it sorted.
  5. Thanks all. It’s not the electronics it’s the actual towbar ball that is the issue. It has a rubber sensor ring around the middle of it that isn’t really compatible with AL-KO hitches. so even though the Q7 has tow bar preparation you guys would recommend the Audi tow bar? It’s just it’s triple the price! Eeek.
  6. In an absolute quandary. Just been told by Audi that if I have tow bar fit that isn’t done by Audi then it invalidates the warranty...... I originally wanted one with the electric towbar but the new tow bar with sensors on the tow ball it isn’t compatible with AL-KO hitches. Someone at Audi told me that new models with electric towbars don’t come with the sensors on the tow ball.... nothing is ever simple.....
  7. Thanks all for the great advice. I would just hate to buy one and be sat on the M5 thinking..... wish I’d bought the quicker one.
  8. Hi all, after some advice please - going to be buying a Q7 to tow my caravan (circa 1500kg). There are 2 versions I’m looking at, both 3 ltr diesels but one is 228 bhp and the other is 282 bhp. I’m sure both with tow fantastically and lots of reviews are available for the faster model. However I’m just wondering, do I need the faster model or will the 228bhp do? I’m not a speed freak but don’t want to get the slower model and regret it if it is a bit sluggish towing? Anyone out theretowing with these models that could give me some advice would be much appreciated. Also, ill be having a tow bar retro fit, other than coding, does the Q7 need any upgrades such as fans etc? I’m guessing it comes prepared.... thank you, sparkster
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