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  1. There was a chap on the old swift forum, who ventured down to Morocco just before the pandemic, they had a wonderful trip and wrote a small book on their adventure @Martin may be able to recall the gentleman’s name
  2. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    As an update, looks like the Audi is off the table, Audi offer a tow bar, but no accompanying electrics, so this suggests to me that they not confident that the car can effectively tow something as large as a caravan. Rung round a few tow bar fitting companies no one has manufactured one yet to fit. was offered to try the Audi Q7 spec tow bar and electrics and quote have a go at coding the car to accept it. At a handsome price of £1100.
  3. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    Audi ETron has a list price starting from £58k so outside the subsidy bracket. think I am going to wait until I can have one on trial for 48hrs from my local dealership
  4. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    We lucky we allowed to tow and have tow bars fitted.
  5. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    Will do. Out of all the electric cars on offer by my employer the Audi stands out as a clear winner. could opt for a VW Up and get another vehicle to tow caravan
  6. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    1560kg Challenger so ok on weight, usually only weekend in caravan and stay fairly local about 100 miles each way. did consider if we did have to charge on route, it would require a de hitch and car on to a charge unit. its a very big step to make but the tax savings are very tempting. Plus when not towing will have access to free charging stations at work.
  7. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    It’s the ETron 50 sports, with a stated range of 195. The higher priced ETron 55 has a range of 250.
  8. MikeJ12

    Audi Etron

    Good evening, apologies if this is in the wrong section, I have the opportunity to have a Audi Etron fully electric car as my next company car. It claims a range of 160 miles on a full charge, (obviously that will be reduced when towing) My question has anyone got one and what towing range are you getting?
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