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  1. Already fitted 👍 I got some different stops to the ones supplied. I purchased the additional roof support then found out it came with one. Think I’ll invest in the clamps, we used it a couple of weeks ago and it did flap a bit when the breeze got up
  2. We’ve already managed to get out for a couple of short weekend breaks, hopefully the weather will improve so 🤞
  3. Hi everyone, thank you all for your help. We finally took a gamble and purchased our Thule omnister 1200 sun canopy and for any one who wants to know if it fits. Yes it does and doesn’t hint the light on our Pegasus, in fact it’s a perfect fit. We purchased from rose awnings and recommended by Ern “thank you” great service, great price 👍
  4. Hi all, wondering if anyone can help please? A friend of mine has just purchased a swift lifestyle 2000 490 its a 5 berth with front double and a rear seating area that converts into a bed. There is also an additional fold out bunk above but we can not work out where you get the cushion from to make up the bunk🤔 Has anyone owned one of these caravans that might be able to help please thanks in advance
  5. Thank for your info, so the padded spacers are fitted to the bag “ one at each end and one in the middle” and you put the 3 kampa awning pads under these canopy support pads to space it away? Do the pads need sticking in position or are they just held there by the weight of the awning? Sorry, to add. How long is your canopy?
  6. Thanks All, this is our caravan. Want to go for the Thule 1200. Want something easy to fit and easy to erect. Just have concerns about the awning light above the door when the awning is in the bag and we’re on the road
  7. What I meant to say is, is the part in the diagram the full length of the bag or just at the ends, this way it would lift the bag over the light Unfortunately moving the light isn’t an option. It’s a almost new van
  8. Thank you for your info, it looks from the diagram attached that the bag once attached has a spacer between the van and the bag lifting it away. It’s just whilst in the bag and travelling I have the concern. Our door is central to the van so if we wanted it to miss it the awning would have to be very short
  9. Hi All, new to the site. I’m after some advise i own a Bailey Pegasus GT70, I would like to purchase and fit a Thule omnister 1200 roll out awning to my van but I’m concerned it might be a problem because of the awning light above the door. Has anyone fitted one of these roll out awnings to a Bailey Pegasus? And does the awning light cause any Issues with the mounting thank you in Advance
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