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  1. Will do - the Meguiars car range is probably the best "normal" range of products for car care before you go silly money. Will do a compare and contrast with the Fenwicks. Hopefully will get some pics - although my phone is a bit *****!
  2. yeah - i've ordered some meguiars plast RX and also some fenwicks. modern water based car paints are very soft but plastic windows even softer - will be very careful!
  3. brand new! will check it again at the storage!
  4. Ta for replies I suspect that someone used a car wash type brush to clean it - but I only use a sponge which gets regularly changed. T cut is a good shout - will try that on a small area - have got glass cleaner products to go over it once done!
  5. cheers for replies. I had it nose down to avoid that message - maybe too nose down tho? One of the rear legs had to be nearly fully extended to touch the ground. The error message came up with the mid ram on the lower side about an inch off the ground. none of the other legs had moved. I will do some more testing where its stored and they have tech people there to help just in case. I will also get some blocks - the milenco ones ok? oli
  6. Apologies if this has been covered before or in wrong forum but .... First time out with new Buccaneer - reasonably level pitch - certainly nothing i'd sweat about with manual jacks - anyhow EP system on Auto gives error 4 - jacks at end of travel. so I try moving caravan - and it does the same thing. Missus not happy & wondering why we spent all the money ! Eventually have to manually level using the EP system - not easy given you can put jacks down in a particular area, but can only bring them up as the auto system dictates. Is this me being stoopid -
  7. hey all, new here - so go easy anyhow just got my new buccaneer barracuda from dealer and gave it a good wash etc. I really like the Sonax BSD on my cars so gave it a go on the van - it came up lovely! sorry pics are so dark! my issue is that the windows look to be scratched - any ideas to remove scratches?
  8. with £500 excess on CMC was £350 quid - which i guess ain't too bad considering size of risk being insured.
  9. guys - cheers for all replies - will keep looking. slightly frustrating that as i have had no caravan before my caravan no claims will be probably be zero even though I've got over 10 years ncb on my car policy. never mind - just cant wait to get out in it!
  10. Hi all - been looking at various threads on here for various caravan related shizzle and have taken plunge and ordered a Buccaneer Barracuda and Isabella Commodore awning - and all coz the missus wont go in a tent any more . Anyhow have been looking at insurance and security for the van. Most of the quotes seem very high and many are refusing to quote based on lack of security devices. I assumed that a hitch lock and AL-KO wheel immobiliser plus the bucc standard security (PIR/movement detection + tracker) would be ok - what is the norm as the insurance companies are obviously expe
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