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  1. WOW loads of brill info, I thank you all. I will do as you suggested and see what can be done before shelling out lots of pound notes for a pcb , might not be needed so fingers crossed. I will keep you updated when I get round to sorting it out, my next trip(first for a while now) is not until end of May (again fingers crossed). cheers guys stay safe Nigel
  2. Thanks for the reply, I had thought of that possibility but it is still good to get a wise opinion to back me assumptions up, I will put a multimer on it tomorrow and check for continuity through the elements and resistance, I will look for the values on the web (unless someone here can advise). Is it possible to purchase the connecting block that is burned out and unusable or do I need a pcb?? thanks for your time. Nigel
  3. Thanks for replying guys. Here's a pic of the damage.
  4. Hi Guys, I have a 2015 swift quattro ew. I have just discovered that my heater has blown the wires where the 4 white room heater (element feeds??) wires plug into the lower pcb on the truma combi 6, I think this pcb is referred to as the power input board. Anyway the sockets on this pcb have fried and 2 of the wires have burnt off also. do I need to just replace this pcb or is it likely that there is a hidden reason that this has happened and it needs professional investigation. thanks Nigel
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