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  1. Dave Rock

    Flo Gas

    Evening folks. Just blagged 2 off 6kg Flo Gas propane cylinders from my local tip. Can anyone tell me if these can be exchanged when we are visiting England? Also, we're not planning on visiting Europe this year but will next year so was wondering if they operate an exchange system and if it matters what cylinder you have? Cheers, Dave
  2. Just re-checked my policy. It's actually New for Old!
  3. Thanks folks. I've insured with Saga and have left the box un-checked. Really good premium of £236 (market value).
  4. Not sure if anyone can answer this or not! I'm looking at various insurance websites and they ask if the caravan is fitted with Micro Tag Security marking. I see from the bumf on the Elddis website that my caravan has a Concealed Security Data Chip. Are these the same? I've tried searching the web for answers and I've spoken to the salesman at Robinson Caravans with little success. I've emailed Elddis and I'm awaiting a response from them. I'm wondering if anyone else has previously asked this question or if anyone has the answer? Thanks for your responses i
  5. Really interesting and useful stuff folks. Thanks for all the information and advice.
  6. Part of the "Special Edition" is an upgraded plate to 1800kg. I spoke to the dealer today who assured me it was well within spec.
  7. I'm a little confused! I've towed trailers all my driving life! The dealer also put the info in to his calculator and said it was OK! Have I just lost my £1000 deposit? I used https://towcar.info/GB/outfitmatch.php : Verdict The Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi AWD aut. and the Elddis Avante 860 of a laden weight of 1685 kg is a combination just suitable for most journeys but also with some limitations. Weight The risk of snaking at higher speeds, strong side winds and thoughtless driving exist. Even if the combination normally feels stable, the forces by deflection side
  8. Thanks folks. CraigP2005, daveat92. It was sweeping question! I understand people have good/bad experiences with their vans.
  9. Hi all. So, after much deliberation and numerous changes of mind we have left a deposit on a new Elddis 860 (Sherwood) dealer special. It would be brilliant to hear peoples opinions/experiences and tips. Thanks, Dave
  10. Hi Mr Plod. I'm fancying the 640. You mentioned dealer specials, how do I find them? It seems you're very happy with your 640? They look great and seem to be well specified, is there any add-ons you would recommend?
  11. Yes Martin. Definitely a private seller. I'll arrange for an inspection (if I can find an engineer locally)
  12. Thanks Martin. It's actually a private sale. Caravan is 2017.
  13. One of our problems is we're in Dundee so availability up here is zero. The one I'm looking at is in Redditch! We're exploring any options as the ones we have seen are gone before we can enquire about them! Thanks for the valuable input folks! I'm sure we will find one eventually!!!
  14. Hi. We have been looking at a 2017 Swift Classic pirouette. I'm struggling to find any reviews on it. It looks great (but what do I know!) It's the one with the mid washroom and end island bed. I would really appreciate any opinions owners may have on it. Thanks for reading, Dave
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