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  1. Thanks you for such a wonderful positive and critical feedback. I will continue this thread with my updates on testing and will keep the points highlighted here in my mind. Please give me another favor and kindly fill this questionnaire. you don't have to provide your email or contact number. Here is the link again: https://forms.gle/m1AjQEfcpQoBs8jY7
  2. Thanks Legal Eagle. I was not aware of this restriction to be honest. Thanks for pointing out. I think someone else also raised this point. I will do further research about this restriction. Thanks
  3. Thanks Silversurf. I don't have answers for most of them at this stage. This was very early product performance evaluation stage. In the next stage where I will develop prototype, These questions will be very useful to ask myself. Thanks for your constructive feedback.
  4. Thanks for your valuable feedback. Will definitely consider them.
  5. Thanks Figbat, This was very thoughtful. I have get this number from google for rough calculations. I totally agree with you on 7000miles/year are not for everyone. In my first post I have included this green environment and reduction of pollutant. I agree in terms of cost, the return on investment is slow. But if we include other advantages as well then it can be wort buying. We were discussing in our research group about this adoptive system adjusting the gap of car and caravan. Great idea. I was not familiar that tractor trailers are already equipped with this technology.
  6. Thank You Scarab, I think the last one is more challenging. Being an aerodynamic engineer, first one I can guarantee.
  7. Thanks I will drop you an emial. Can you please fill the questionnaire, I will contact you from there. I am happy to find someone local to share ideas. thanks
  8. This device will be more suitable to the box shaped caravan and horse trailer. you might be right in terms of stabiity. different caravans can behave differently and intensive research is required to find the behaviour. Connecting this device to the caravan should not be a big deal in todays technology era. Thanks
  9. I understand your point Hort. Because this is just a conceptual design, that's why these points were not considered here but there is always a way to design things differently to overcome any design confliction.
  10. As the device will be either made of plastic or fiberglass and both are light material. but yes it will add some weight though when static. Noseweight consideration is another good idea. i can further research performance of this device focusing on the nose weight while moving at 50 to 60 mph. Thanks
  11. Thanks you very much Hort. This is the whole point of putting this post on to see the your concerns. We are aiming to make it foldable and top, left and side panels can be click fit type and can be easily separated. The whole device will be foldable and can be removed easily and fit into the boot. I know otherwise it would not be adoptable and no value to fuel saving. In reply to access to locker and jojckey wheel: jockey wheel should be accessible at all time but for locker I do need to think of making the front panel as a door may be. In terms of fuel saving for an average
  12. ADMIN COMMENT - new topic merged into existing one on the same subject. ******************* Hello, I am Atif, a PhD student at the University of Huddersfield. I am researching in the field of the aerodynamics of horse trailers and caravans. I have recently researched a device that shows a significant reduction in the drag force and fuel consumption. (Please see attached pictures) This device will attach at the front of the caravan/trailer and will reduce the turbulent flow between the car and caravan. Rather than making shapes streamlined and compromising on the inter
  13. Hi Paul, I am very happy to see your comment. It's great to know that you have already done some good work in this field. I am using Fluent for simulation and also have a wind tunnel for experimental testing. Computational Fluid dynamics has significantl evolved with computational power of computers. Fluent is good so far in my experience. I have also done some work on OpenFoam which is free and open license software. You are right, we have to consider the regulations as well while improving fuel consumption. You have any suggestion on if I keep the deflector fixed on the caravan and leave
  14. Your experience is right. These devices are just made with less evidence of tests. Thats why the performance of such devices is questionable. The fixed position at different wind speed can completely chnage the effectiveness and performance of these deflectors from good to worst.
  15. Thank you Mr Plodd, This is actually my first post on the blogg and I can see my mistakes now. I am actually researching and developing some add-on devices which can improve some critical flow area. The purpose of the post is to see the interest of end user whether caravan ower and user are interested in something which can provide 10 to 15 % fuel efficiency with small hastle to attach and detach the device. Also to see if there are any other issues and mysteries related to caravan aerodynamics which can be researched and solved. Although my post was not very clear but I still have g
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