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  1. Good afternoon all, As promised, an update from NACO. Having "you are welcome to keep it for as many years as it will last", IN WRITING, is like gold dust! Whilst the site owner agrees he said and subsequently wrote to confirm this, he disputes the legality of it and says after 4yrs the van will be worthless, broken up and sold for scrap. NACO state my options are to send a Solicitor's letter now, to wait for 4yrs or to offer the van for sale. Whenever Scotland and England agree on when we can return to our vans, I shall make that decision!
  2. Stevan, you raise two valid points here: 1. There isn't a Contract when perhaps there should be and 2. It is not me who is trying to impose time limits on the owners, quite the other way round. I have contacted NACO who have requested various documents, so will keep everyone updated. Kind regards, Yorkshire Lady
  3. Good morning all, Many thanks for your replies, which are much appreciated. 2seaside - I have checked through all past documentation and there isn't an "actual contract", just a Site Licence Conditions and General Site Rules form, which has had only a couple of minor changes since 2017. As regards the various questions I asked when purchasing the van, I should have said these are all in emails, which I have kept, therefore are written, not verbal and contacting NACO is a good idea. Thanks. Yes, Coast and Leisure are exactly as you describe and w
  4. Hello, Wondering if anyone can give me some advice? In August 2017 I purchased a 17yr old Abi Arizona Static caravan, which had been well looked after and was for sale by the previous owners for health reasons. It is double glazed throughout, structurally sound, has a wide deck and the previous owners had had a brand new roof fitted in 2016, but as it was loose and rattling in the wind, under the guarantee I had it completely replaced in October 2017. The van is in excellent condition, but unfortunately as it is in Scotland and I am in England have not been
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