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  1. Hi all Thanks for input , iam currently have a BMW 335 gt . However iam changing this to a ford ranger , to use for work . I believe these have huge towing capability . Hi I have B and E on my license . Budget is as close to 10 k as possible but realise this doesnt get much in caravan world . Can go higher for the right one . But no brand new 25 k jobbies. I here hobby is the best? Or coachman. Any thoughts greatly received
  2. Hi All Last year we unexpectedly got into caravanning from camping . A friend of a friend offered us a 2002 Avondale for less than the value of our tent . Have us a chance to try it without huge punt. We loved it ,going to sleep in the warm in a proper bed transformed our holiday. So now it's time to spend some money .for hopefully this season. We realised the big issue we had was setting up the kids beds each night. So really want something with end dinette fixed bunk arrangement. My 11 year old is already 5feet so need full sized beds Thought
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