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  1. Hi guys thanks for all your suggestions much appreciated
  2. Hi having been quoted near £300 for a fluid change for my alde heating system by my local dealer I believe I can do this my self firstly where would I find the drain plug on my 2013 swift conqueror 570 and what would be the best type of fluid to use to replace existing fluid
  3. Hi, thats not true I bought a new 480 Conqueror 2008 model like most had front window replaced charger unit replaced and most recently a new fridge fitted all under warranty with no problems whatsoever i dont know if its a problem you have with the manufacturer or your dealer.
  4. I saw a video when it was first launched shows a person towing with it fitted to his van and some electronic gear registering every time it operated he believed he did not feel it work but in fact it operated some 14 times i believe, my view was how can you tell if it was working you answered that by saying you felt it operate. It is probably like policing you dont how many you have prevented something from happening by just being there.
  5. I have just viewed the new Swift models and indeed they look very nice looking forward to the price though I see the in board water tank seems to virtually take up all the space under the seat I much perfer the arrangement on my 480, no tracker fitted as standard just had my phantom renewal i see that to have a tracker fitted by them is at least £400+ and as for no ATC being fitted it is a piece of equipment that costs loads but you dont know if it actually works because there is no way of telling when it operates.
  6. We had the same on our 2008 Conqueror 480 it would appear that 2008 was a bad year for Swift as their models had problems with about everything I have had two windows new charger wheel arches light fittings and lastly a new fridge.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Mine is a small tapered black plug secured to the end of the drain pipe when you look at it you would naturally think the tapered end slots into the pipe its due for a service so I will ask them. :huh:
  8. The rubber drain pipe used to drain off the toilet tank water has a rubber bung I have used the van twice now am i thick or what but inserted part of the bung filled the tank and hey presto the bung came out leaking water every where I then inserted the thick end of the bung into the tube and matter resolved but it just not look right. Which is the correct way please.
  9. I have a conqueror480 2008 model. I am finding it very difficult to open the locker doors especially the battery locker when the mains lead is plugged in. Any suggestions please.
  10. Listen to your woes I think best leave the Swift Brand alone off to look at the new Bailey.
  11. Where can I find this new site or is it the one through practical caravan website. Thx
  12. I think you have been unlucky with your dealer, Discover do have somewhat of a bad reputation. I must admit I have had several warranty issues in the first 16 months of owning my van fortunatley I was still able to use the van with the faults. The last fault was discovered on its first service and it took nearly 5 weeks to get a new charger and this was a known fault that had occurred with numerous swift vans fortunatley I was storing the van for winter after the service as I would have not been best pleased. I think you must look at the reputation of the dealer before you buy more than the
  13. Just got my Conqueror 480 back from having its second window replaced, it now has the MK3 which has alot bigger gap than the previous windows it does protrude a little more than the two other front windows but you only notice it from the side. I wont be able to test it until next year but towing it home there seemed to be very little bow in it compared to the other window.
  14. Just collected my van today with new mk3 window fitted its a lot thicker just about matches the other two front windows
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