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  1. Hello im struggling to find a shop that sells gas regulators that aren’t for a bbq or blow torch. Does anyone know a place that sells them? Either a chain or in north east Somerset. Looking for propane. Thanks
  2. Hello I was planning to insulate the outside of a 34 x 10 static with 75mm insulation boards and then clad it with Douglas fir waney edge. A friend suggested that as I’m going to redecorate then it’s best to insulate it by taking down the inside walls and floors and do it internally. Can it still be cladded without insulating it on the outside as there would be a gap behind the wood?
  3. thanks for the detail! It is an old one but I’m planning on insulating the floor and walls and then putting cladding on and hopefully adding double glazing if I can find some decent second hand. It’ll all be done over the year as I’m building my business back up after covid. Thankfully things are looking up after a pretty bleak year financially. There will be access to residential mains so that’s good. I looked into solar but it seemed pretty expensive for what you get but maybe it’s worth doing some more research. thanks again! The static will be delivered tomorrow so I’ll keep the forum posted on the work done on it and how it is to live in.
  4. I’m more interested in what people have themselves rather than asking for direct advice. I don’t have an exact budget, my static is 10 x 34ft and it’s a slow project so I’m really asking to see what personal stories and experiences people have. For example, some people have said they regret a wood stove, some swear by paraffin heaters while others say they chuck out too much moisture, so it’s always interesting to hear what people have to say through their own direct experience.
  5. Wondering what heating systems you have in your static caravans and if you’d recommend them as a main source of heating?
  6. Shiply is like the dark web for transport. They house many a criminal and con artist on there. Thanks for the replies, got it sorted
  7. Got scammed on Shiply and will never use them again so apart from Shiply does anyone know of a static transport company that is reliable? I have googled around and they all seem to say they’re too busy. Thought I’d try here.
  8. Yeah that’s why I was asking if they’d decided to get one and how they were getting on if they did Nice advice. Thanks.
  9. What kw stove would be good for a static? It’s interesting to hear someone Talk about what a pain a stove was and that they’ve gone for paraffin instead, food for thought. Nothing like watching flames though... did OP go with a stove in the end?
  10. Yeah cheap wood is an option, other people that live there use it so I’ll ask them about it. I’m looking to get it well insulated and put cladding on it. I was considering underfloor heating but it’d cost a lot to run. Thanks for everyone’s posts. I’ll keep an update of the progress on the forum.
  11. Hmm probably won’t be going solar as it looks too costly for what you get with a static. Never mind. The electricity is expensive and there’s no doubt there’s some dodgy dealings going on with lining pockets but I’m only paying £20 a week rent for the pitch so it’s still much cheaper than renting even a room, let alone my own place. And I love it there so it works out okay.
  12. Ah great, thanks I’ll check this out 👍 Nope it’s 2001 but I’m going to put wooden cladding on it and was thinking of a new roof. Still might not be strong enough so I’ll take a look at other options. That’s the rate for the electric meter. Why do you ask? It doesn’t need to be 100% self sufficient as there is an electric meter but it would be good to be on solar as much as possible if it worked out to be worth it. Gas hob, multi fuel stove and gas heater, gas oven, LPG for water etc as you say. So you ran your static from a 4kw set up?
  13. Hello I’ve bought a static which I will be living in full time and planning to renovate over the year. It’s arriving next Saturday. Does anyone run their static fully with solar? I’m planning this in the future to avoid the meter which is 24p kWh and would like to know if anyone else has solar and whether it was worth it? I don’t have any kWh readings just yet to get a quote as I’m waiting to see what my consumption would be but if anyone has any info on what they use/how much they spent on the set up/whether it’s worth it etc that would be grand. I understand locations etc all play a part too but just looking to get a feel from general people. Thanks
  14. The responses to mine were great. Was very pleased with the help but I’ve seen many others that are snooty. Except it still got to people telling me to get written permission from the owner (it’s a good friend of mine). He’s not asking about land. If he breaks the law then that’s on him as he’s an adult. And if his dreams fail then that’s also on him. He asked questions about the static itself but got pretty much 0 help on this. It’s just a bit of a common theme that people ask a question and then get people trying to limit their ideas. There are plenty of people out there who renovate statics under £1000. I know of 3 and they’ve made them into a log cabin style. It’s not a good idea to put people off posting and replying.
  15. I think some replies put people off coming back. There’s absolutely no help on this thread at all. Seems to happen a lot on this forum which is a shame because I’d love to hear how he got on.
  16. Yes definitely! And when people help you then you realise the value in that and feel good about other people asking you. I’m sure we used to share skills a lot more as a country. It’s only relatively recently that everything is seen as “time is money”, “I buy property based on how much I can sell it for in 5 years”, “don’t ask, just google”. I’m curious as to how the OP is getting on with the ideas they had.
  17. A lot of people on this forum don’t really understand that things are doable maybe because they’ve never tried. Maybe because they’ve always had money to throw at things and can’t imagine doing it on the cheap and live in residential parks. Anyway, the answers aren’t very focused on what you’re asking here. It puts people off asking questions. I know 3 couples who live in statics that they got for free or for a couple of hundred which they converted and I’m about to do it myself. If you’re a handy person you can most certainly do it but it’s probably best to get some help with it too. It’s not crazy at all. According to what they’ve done: •insulation inside and out, floors and roof, new walls fitted •cladding •Multi fuel stoves •double glazing bought second hand and fitted themselves •Extra heaters •one has underfloor heating •one has air conditioning •all have dehumidifiers •they say it gets cold but warms up quickly They assure me it’s not a crazy idea at all and that they love living in the homes they pretty much built. But they’ll be helping me with mine so I would suggest getting some extra hands. Good luck!
  18. Great. Thanks for your help! Secondary glazing sounds like a good option. And some people use some magnetic windows to put on top of their single glazing. Didn’t know house windows could go on statics too! Could look at buying some second hand.
  19. Hello, I’ve done a search and couldn’t find an answer on the first page. Just wondering how much anyone paid to go from single to double glazing in their static? Not sure whether to find second hand windows and doors and get some help fitting them or to pay a company.
  20. I really appreciate all these replies. Very informative and I appreciate the honesty too. It’s so encouraging when strangers lend support. It doesn’t feel quite so lonely. It’s not inclusive, the electricity is on a metre and I’ll need to order gas bottles. Great points about the grey water and sewerage system. Unfortunately my house rental contract runs out in first week of April so I will have to be out by then which is why I’m preparing now. Thank you for the static link! Some very good points raised all round, thank you. I actually went there today and saw statics that I thought were log cabins but have been fitted with cladding and stoves so there are some handy people there to give good tips and some help with it. They’ve offered some work too. It’s not ideal but it could be a place to help me back on my feet and eventually get back to being self secure. Luckily we’re not at the beginning of Winter.
  21. Hello, I understand it’s hardly anything but it’s all I can afford as I’m going through a breakup with my boyfriend so my budget is a lot less, my jobs dried up because of covid and will have to leave my rented home. Just saying all this because I know people will have opinions on the budget. Just understand it’s all I have and that’s that. I have factored in delivery which looks around 600 so 1500 is for the static itself and not delivery and I have a little extra for refurb. I know of land I can put it on with electricity and water so that’s sorted. It will be to live off site so this is on private land with planning permission on a farm. Hopefully work will pick up again when lockdown finishes so I can afford to do some extra work to the static. How likely is it that buying a static for 1500 is going to be a miserable existence? I mean damp (even when they say no damp) and other issues. What should I look out for? I’d also like to get a new toilet thats odour free. Maybe in the future before winter I could get double glazing for the van and a wood stove? Any advice? I’ve never lived in a static or caravan. Please don’t judge my situation. Unfortunate things happen in life that we can’t control. Just please offer advice about the reality and anything practical with the static. Thank you
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