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  1. And you can always get it remapped….. 😁
  2. The pump for our Bradcot seems to have literally run out of puff, motor runs fine but hardly any air pressure results. Any suggestions for a replacement?
  3. So did I but agree with it 100%. I do not want prescribed ‘fun’.
  4. If you can, go for the latest engine possible and an EU6 engined car will always be easier to sell. VW are always very conservative with their power outputs and You can always get a remap which the VW engine is well suited to.
  5. I wouldn’t buy a manual either. Auto is definitely better for towing.
  6. No I am not bashing the British company again. My FL2 was simply rubbish in comparison with any VW group product I have Owned in the past 20 odd years. The MG ZTT I had nearly 20 years was one of the very best cars I have ever owned, in my top 3 alongside an Audi A2 and Porsche 944T. My son has had numerous RR products and with one exception all very poor reliability, especially the Evique’s, spent more time in the dealers workshop than on the road. His next car will be a Porsche. Look at this months What Car survey and it gives a much different story.
  7. Quite, I got rid of it soon after having only owned it 11 months replacing it with an older, high mileage Audi that was faultless.
  8. If you look at Red Penant and some others you will find restrictions and significant increase in premium.
  9. You do need advice this forum cannot provide but to pay a deposit without any form of confirmation regarding the deposit AND no clear agreed works specification in writing is rather foolhardy putting it mildly. Where are the companies terms and conditions? Are they set out on their website? I recently put a deposit on a new car through distance selling. Subsequently found some doubt with the cars type approval for towing and cancelled. Not a problem getting my deposit returned. I made sure EVERYTHING was confirmed at each stage by email. However you need to check if having visited the premises you have negated the protection offered by distance selling legislation.
  10. One issue with older tow cars might be limitations on breakdown recovery services/insurance especially abroad. We use Red Pennant when travelling with the ‘van in tow in EUland and have twice called upon its services (with a Freelander both in same trip). I am sure there is an age limit.
  11. The MG HS PHEV has a 4 speed box for EV mode and 6 for ICE….. it is a TC box.
  12. If we apply that logic then we only need one motoring law that should cover all situations- ‘Driving without due care and attention’. If you are towing an overweight trailer it is ‘without due care’ and if speeding ‘with attention’….. Dangerous condition is another issue and I think it is reasonable to hope that in any given scenario regarding weight ratio discussions, those involved are driving and towing well maintained vehicles and caravans. That section does refer to load distribution which is a point I also make. Poor weight distribution is however totally separate issue and can apply at 85% as much as 110% - it doesn’t automatically mean the latter is suddenly dangerous and unsafe at 100.1% and magically safe at 99.9%…..
  13. When did sensible and legal have the same meaning?! Sur le continent there are plenty who tow upto the legal limit of their car and I am not aware the accident rate with caravans is any higher than in the UK. However I do agree and personally would not go over 100% but neither would I get so focused on weight at the expense of all the other factors that have an impact on safe and secure towing. It is pointless towing at 85% if everything else is ignored, noseweight, tyrepressures, load distribution……
  14. You say there is a covenant on the house, so what? Who will actually enforce it? I can appreciate the situation was frustrating but in the circumstances it wasn’t the caravan dealer or motor mover manufacturers fault you were blocking the road. What if they did have a standby emergency service? Do you expect every town in the country to be covered ‘just on the off-chance? What if the engineer was already on another call, at the other end of the country? Personally I think you were very well served by the motor mover company. Get over it.
  15. It depends which Hyundai it is. Even across the Tucson range there are different boxes used with different engines. I have to say however the Tucson self charging hybrid is very nice, just lacks 4wd option in the UK. The PHEV does have 4wd but has a low tow weight limit and is over £40k so the RFL is another £350/year on top. The RAV4 seems to have the best real world economy and best to drive of my shortlist but is also least powerful, noisiest and the only one without a carpeted boot. Probably it is that which contributes significantly to the noise. If anyone is looking it is worth trying Carwow and Drivethedeal for significant discounts….. my dealer offered me £750….. Drivethedeal offer over £4000…..
  16. Agree with mr Plodd, you are the customer so shop around just as you should for any insurance. After my experience last year with the Insurance Emporium I am even less likely to look favourably on any insurers.
  17. Thanks, that is very helpful especially given we have a similar weight van. What trim model do you have? However the noise concern is in comparison with my current hybrid and every other hybrid I have test driven in the last few weeks. We often drive very long distances and I find noise tiring.
  18. Anyone on here tow with one? Drive one today and save for noise am very impressed. However ‘What Car’ towing review I found not very good, refers to unsettled on motorway.
  19. Please point to the LAW that says towing over 100% is illegal? Whether it is wise is another matter but to assure the OP there are no laws in the UK regarding towing weight ratios. There is advice from various organisations that some mistakenly call ‘rules’. However getting a car that will tow a 1500kg caravan will be tight and pribably around 95-100% should that concern you. To reassure you no other country gets its knickers knotted and goes into head swivelling mode about tow weights in the way we manage to in the UK.
  20. Personally I like it, will try that myself…. Respecting other campers works both ways but of course in this day and age children are apparently scarred for life if told ‘no’ they cannot have their own way all the time.
  21. Or a Passat, they can be had with 4wd (4motion) and in Alltrack trim.
  22. I also would not deliberately avoid German marques. The VW group V6tdi engined cars all make good durable tow cars. An older Touareg or A6 are pretty indestructible. Older Korean or Japanese are getting fragile and anything French or Italian is already in the scrapyard.
  23. It says 50% of those checked…… NOT 50% of all caravans.
  24. I know it is reported today in the Daily Express however it does seem to have a ring of truth to it. Cannot get link to work. Reports 50% of caravans/light trailers stopped have a problem and 19% issued with prohibition notice.
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