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  1. The onboard tank is only for limited hot water. You need a permanent connection to have running water.
  2. Search on eBay, you will find single mirrors on there, possibly Amazon too. I bought one a few months ago.
  3. If she likes your van then agree with suggestion of the Sprite, same layout but lighter and cheaper and loses little in spec.
  4. Along with synthetic petrol/diesel fuel too.
  5. BMW and JLR are also investigating hydrogen and Toyota are trialling a Hydrogen fuelled ICE car.
  6. IMO ATC type systems should be mandatory however as others have said the Adria chassis set up is reputed for its stability. Our van always shrinks when booking ferries……😉
  7. Yes I am a bit confused about the leisure battery situation too. If it was left unattended for 2 years it will be totally goosed - unless by chance on a solar trickle charge. Is the main (black) switch turned back on? Do any of the caravan electrics work?
  8. This discussion illustrates how little people understand about international supply chains (even for caravan components), manufacturing, how much China controls the container trade (and many raw material supplies) and quite how the people of Britain are supposed to stop ‘it’ (inflation?) is beyond words. Another example of facetwit society. Talk to my stepson who imports $millions worth of goods into the EU and how he is struggling to get any containers at any price. No wonder Boris is ignoring much of the froth in the news.
  9. Ok then early in the pandemic. It was still forecasts of house price crash, mass evictions, mass unemployment until the autumn of last year. I work in the public sector and was surrounded by so many expert pessimists who now look rather silly. When I keep finding data that opposed their forecasts they still had excuses.
  10. That is certainly a skill of the leader of her majesty’s opposition…… and the majority of journo’s at the BEEB, Sky, Gaurdian et al. At the start of the pandemic when all those ‘experts’ forecast the worst recession since the 1930’s….. yep, who would have ramped up production against that backdrop?
  11. Emphasise it is simply for using as a bedroom and occasional lounge…… even if you will be cooking, showering I would keep that quiet. However on a practical note and given how limited the space you have available is, you need to think about how you will connect up power, water, waste, empty toilet cassette etc. If any of those are on the opposite side of the van to the door I am not sure how you will physically get access.
  12. Thanks for the feedback with the Toyita’s. One of the reasons we are going for one after a disastrous Volvo experience of downright lying dealers and multiple faults.
  13. I still love doing that, drives my wife mad. Would happily make it my day job. There is a myth about cash always being king in respect of cars. Many manufacturers have finance contributions such it is cheaper to take out finance and benefit from the additional discount and then pay off the finance after a few weeks. For example some Hyundai come with £2750 contribution on top of any discount you can negoatiste. VW have £1750 and others (MG/Toyota) have 0% finance. I learned that many years ago when I went to buy an ex demo Polo. Turned out it was cheaper to buy new. Similar with the Toyota, it was cheaper to buy new than the dealers ex demo.
  14. The reality is 99% of car buyers know absolutely nothing about cars. Nor are they interested in technical aspects or dynamics of driving. Those of us who are nerds on forums such as this have little impact on sales figures. Most people are sold a car they didn’t know they wanted and know very little about it. most of us on here probably know what we want (shortlist of cars and must have features) and go to get the best deal. A good salesperson should and will focus in on what the customer needs are and take it from there. I recall my ex telling me of a test drive where the customer didn’t change up from 4th to 5th. “Four gears has been good enough for us until now and we don’t see the need to use anymore”…… so she found an older used car that was gathering cobwebs and sold them that.
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