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  1. I am usually correct with any Honda Jazz driver, does anyone under 80 drive one? Same with the CRV and HRV (Hip Replacement Vehicle), maybe not so much with the Civic.
  2. Neither dealership we tried to test drive an MG have followed up our visits. This is how car dealers used to be and it is disappointing to find such attitudes and behaviour still exists. I emailed MG UK and they phoned me to discuss and said they would be advising the National sales director of my experience. We have contacted Luscimbes in Leeds (a long established family company) as a final attempt. If that doesn’t work out we will abandon MG and in the absence of anything else we will concentrate on the Hyundai and Ford options.
  3. I too prefer large estates but the boss doesn’t so my current Volvo will be my last…. And join the fashion of SUV drivers
  4. I was never a Ford man as a result of having mk2 Ford Escorts imposed upon me as company cars. In reality however there are no truly bad cars any more, It is a case of least- worst.
  5. I broadly agree and those brands with a older age owner profile work hard to lower it. To me MINI, Renault, Vauxhall and SEAT drivers are younger. Whereas Honda, Skoda, Alfa Romeo, Toyota, Mercedes are older. Never considered Ford one or the other but if pushed would say young. VW is ageless (and classless). I was similar with Hyundai but am smitten with the new Tucson (if that had a German marque badge they could charge £5k more) and I used to be a badge snob being also a big Audi fan.
  6. How do you generally perceive the age of the typical owner of a car brand? Ford, MG, Hyundai etc young/old? SWMBO thinks Ford are old people’s cars and not exactly thrilled at the idea of looking at a Kuga. This is not my perception but how do others view different marques and their typical customer age? Simply intrigued on other’s thoughts.
  7. I am not sure what your point is with this post, is it a complaint or observation? Of course the site is ‘heaving’. I would be concerned if it wasn’t at peak holiday season in any year let alone this year?! I do agree there are too many caravaners who cannot pass the time of day but equally we don’t all want to socialise either. And as for lots of people having BBQ’s ….. they are on holiday!
  8. But is the camera fully integrated into the car infotainment screen? And retro fitting a sunroof would affect type approvals etc. Yes, in theory heated seat inserts can be installed but when I am buying a new car at over £30k I don’t expect to have to have it modified to that extent. I want it to have the features as ‘OE’, not retrofitted. In today’s world such ‘mods’ are just not realistic on a new car.
  9. Govt policy is that EV charging infrastructure will be paid for by public through their bills from their electricity supply companies. This of course means those who earn little and therefore at or close to fuel poverty are subsidising those who have the money to buy an EV. Hardly an equitable solution. Can’t add heated seats, sunroof and reversing camera at the dealers….
  10. He had no axe to grind with me, could be wrong.
  11. The guy said they have been told not to take in diesel p/ex if they can avoid them. Don’t want to get stuck with unsaleable stock.
  12. I am hearing that the RFL for any diesel next year will be at least £480 or more…..
  13. If it wasn’t for the fact we are constrained with the list of cars/brands that can meet our needs (unfortunately nothing in the VAG brands works) I would not be pursuing MG further. Too many hybrid versions of cars have reduced tow weight limits and too many petrol only are too light. Very few diesel hybrids (even mild hybrid) so the net result is a very small pool to choose from. Changing the van is not an option.
  14. To expand this slightly the rule of thumb for towing is a minimum of 40 horses/tonne. I am never entirely sure if that refers to actual train weight or MTPLM plus Kerb weight. However is torque/weight ratio now a better measure?
  15. It is shortage of components (semiconductors) and demand in EUlandia that is delaying the launch of more VW group PHEVS. The petrol Karot is just too light for my van. The Tiguan PHEV was due for UK launch but has been dropped from VW website.
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