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  1. My guess is between 20-25mpg but there are too many variables to give a precise figure. Low mileage might be a detriment insofar as the engine is not well used and fully run-in.
  2. The Club’s legal service will advise members, you do not have to be insured with them. however i suggest you start searching on here and the wider t’internet to find out if this is a common problem (with your brand of caravan) and whether anyone else has made a successful warranty claim. If the latter has succeeded you have claim precedent. If not i suspect you might struggle. my post overlapped with WW, as he says!
  3. Not on the later diesel that i have ever heard. Good tow car.
  4. The odd occasion i have seen cars being loaded onto a trailer behind a moho has me thinking ‘life is too short’......
  5. You need to narrow down what YOU prefer or require in a car and go from there. There are too many variables to even start to make suggestions not least of which you haven’t given a budget, manual/auto etc etc. Land Rover fans will suggest Discovery Sport, Hyundai fans a Sante Fe or Tuscan, Volvo fans XC60, VW fans a Tiguan or Toureg and so on and so on.
  6. Steam driven, We release some payload by removing the carpets (in the loft until we sell the van) table goes with the carpets (substitute with a lightweight table), carry the hook up cable in the car, always draining the hot water before a journey. That can free up around 20kg’s.
  7. There is no right or better with this. It is whatever works best for your style or preference for holiday and travel. My suspicion is we will reach similar conclusion to Allan (above) albeit the decision pendulum is very close to motorhome on occasions.
  8. Tried all the above. Most are end of life breakers and with the lockdowns preventing use of caravans there haven’t been any accident write - offs to generate a supply of spares.
  9. We are having exactly the same debate and will only resolve if and when we hire before deciding once and for all. However the one aspect we are both agreed on neither want to wild camp, especially in Scotland. Indiscriminate selfish Wild-camping is ruining the reputation of moho users and i dont want tarring with the same brush.
  10. Given the crazy prices used vans are fetching you may want to raise your budget to get something in half decent condition. Be VERY careful when looking and insist on an upto date damp test report and service or walk away. You could end up with a costly pile of rotten wood otherwise.
  11. Pleased you like car and look forward to hearing how it tows in due course. I had similar problem last year when i bought my car. There was only one (detachable) towbar and dedicated wiring kit in the country and i just managed to get it. There were no fixed and no electric foldaways. All due to combination of demand and Covid closures.
  12. I have to say navigating the Volvo system is not as intuitive as a VW. However i never lose the display setting, like you i have mine on Eco.
  13. On my previous car the stop-start was disabled when the caravan was attached. Designed that way.
  14. If it is that is a Sprite based dealer special.
  15. Given we will not be changing until the year end, stock isn’t an issue. Ideally we would look at a 1 or 2 year old van but that will depend on demand and price differential being worthwhile.
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