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  1. Upon further inspection the new fuse I fitted has blown again. I replaced the existing fuse with another red 10amp fuse. Would a larger fuse be required?
  2. Thanks again for your replies, I took apart the distribution box inside the caravan and got direct access to the battery charger. It turns out a fuse had blown inside it. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Cheers for your reply currently the battery is only reading 4.7v Thanks for your reply, during the holiday and before the battery was charged internally by the caravan itself. Whilst away the condition meter was in the green all of the time. The 12v operated devices don't seem to work and the ones that do such as lights are very dim and barely visible. I've tried charging the battery in the both the central switch and the van switch and still no change on the meter ( I've tried both positions on charge for a few days)
  4. After I got back from my first trip away the battery condition is showing nothing. I've tried leaving the battery on charge for a few days but no luck. It appears as if there is no battery what so ever but all connections look ok. Caravan: Lunar LX2000 1998
  5. We have used it once as a seating area to eat our dinner and have used it a few times for a cup of tea.
  6. Hello, just received a letter from council informing us that they believe the caravan is being used as a 'single secondary dwelling' . What basis do they have to this and what action can be taken against us? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for all your replys! I've found 2 sets of the gas taps. In what direction are they open?
  8. Is there any way I could fix it myself, I can't seem to hear any gas coming from the unit. Is there a gas tap anywhere for the heater?
  9. Hello, I recently bought a Lunar LX2000 from 1998 which comes installed with a carver 3600st heater. The electrical side works but takes a long time to get warm. However, the gas heater does not light but the ignitions can be heard to tick. How do I sort it?
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