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  1. The 85% is an arbitary figure aimed at keeping new caravannners safe until they gain experience - no legal requirement. Exceeding 100% of cars kerb weight - not advisable and could invalidate your insurance. What is the towing limit prescribed by VW for your car?
  2. Who vacates a pitch before 7.30am? Presumably another motorhome! At 10am, they should have been told to come back at noon (and queue behind the other motorhomes that turned up at 11, 11.15 etc)
  3. At the time though, presumably none of the drivers knew of the 'paperwork error', so if the camera was correctly calibrated, they were exceeding the 'indicated' limit regardless. Presumably, some whistle blower at National Highways let the cat out of the bag?
  4. Probably both, based on the question posed.
  5. +1 - Feel a lot better for reading this thread - I thought it was only me!
  6. Thanks for reply. Thought that might be the case. So to replace them, presumably remove the handle followed by the tap body, after removing the lower grub screw at the bottom?
  7. Any idea what purpose the 'o' rings perform? Our tap sometimes has a ring of clean water around its base, but no dripping.
  8. As already said, be VERY careful of what you buy. There have been several threads recently from inexperienced buyers coming a cropper buying privately, so proceed with care. Any caravan you intend viewing, that's been advertised online, print a copy of the ad before you agree to buy - just in case it has been mis-described.
  9. A picture of the damaged window would help us to see what you are wanting to replace/repair
  10. Yep. Data roaming charges could be massive for streaming video, unless you are still covered by your mobile plan.
  11. If you are vertically challenged then you may need two sets of 3 tread steps, for unrolling from the bag and rolling up into the bag in my experience. They are quite heavy in 3.6m length. The caravan in this video is lower than conventional UK height I think
  12. Practical Caravan reviewed the Swift in 2018 - came out well. Can't find anything on the Elddis, but also consider things like proximity to dealer, as all new caravans usually need some attention in first 12 months. Also if brand new 2021, strike a good deal (if possible) as new models are coming out now.
  13. It will say the maximum pressure on the tyre, but that may not be the recommended pressure. Our Swift is also 65psi, although previous (lighter van) was 61psi
  14. Buying from a dealer is no cast iron guarantee it wont have damp, or other issues, if its several years old, and the price you pay will probably be £3000 more than private. With the experience you gained, you may still be better off buying privately, provided you check that the history and annual servicing are in place, and when you find one that fits that description, pay for a survey as a double check (£150?), and if you want even more security, buy an independent 12 month warranty as well (£500?)
  15. Es tha seent price o flat caps ant flea collars lakely - dear ast 2 Protec poles! Gerra pair o brush handles insteead. We aint tight were careful!
  16. Yes they made me aware that if insured value exceeded £30,000 (single axle ), I would need to activate the £95/yr Command Tracker. Luckily, our van on new for old is currently just below (no contents covered)
  17. Been insured with CMHC for last 30 odd years. Replaced caravan this year and have 1/2 price insurance offer for Swift Supersure Ins. £210 compared to CMHC £350. Tempted but wondered about their claims performance. They are Caravan Guard underwritten by RSA. Any thoughts appreciated.
  18. Is it a 'click' type switch or continuous? If continuous, a screwdriver blade, or small diameter wooden dowel would be my solution.
  19. Wow, hats off, and I'm glad you are enjoying the full caravanning experience at your 'certain age'. Hopefully we can all do the same, eventually.
  20. Usually try to get a pitch with door facing south or west, no overhanging trees in case it rains, avoid anyone already pitched with a tethered dog, ones with kids bikes or swingball, not next to service point or toilet block - Ahh bliss we've found one, then neighbours leave next day and its all for nothing when sliding door panel van conversion arrives and pitches next to us
  21. There's also the car's nose weight limit to factor in as well. Some of the Dutch outfits I have seen on campsites, suggest some might ignore noseweight. Dutch guy unhitched at a site we were on in Spain 2019, and caravan immediately tipped backwards and grounded the rear end of the caravan!
  22. Having said that, well behaved kids, and silent dogs on 2m leads are much more acceptable than a party of adult drinkers partying till midnight
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