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  1. I found the report quite reassuring (for myself at least). Like PR1, I tend to avoid CMHC sites in favour of quieter, ideally adult only Cls, but have been considering a few days on a CMHC site this August, as its easier to check availability via the online booking system, than ring loads of CLs, that are probably already full of people like myself. An indication of which site it is would be useful information (ie holiday resort location, or rural Scotland) and an update after the w/e, in case 'normal' humans are replaced by w/e revellers.
  2. Is the pump onboard or in Aquaroll? Some caravan details may help us to help you.
  3. I have the key and need to use it every time I hitch up. When using the key, it 'clicks' back into place, when it re-aligns, and I think the pins move outwards?
  4. Every time I come to hitch up our new caravan, I find that I have to re-align the pins on the 13 pin plug, otherwise it won't insert into car socket. Tried removing it carefully when unhitching, but always the same. Never had a problem with previous caravan and same towcar Am I doing something wrong? Is the plug faulty? Does it need some form of lubrication? Should I ask dealer to replace under warranty? All answers gratefully received.
  5. Mines a 2 yr old NCC 'B' rated 190mm height Numax DC25MF 105Ah. No mover problems also with 1550kg van
  6. Also, there are some leisure batteries that are 175mm high. If van has a mover fitted, the spare space above the battery helps provide space for these wires. Batteries 225mm high are cramped for space - just my opinion
  7. We have a Truma Aquasourse direct connection provided with our new special edition Swift Corniche. Not tried it yet. I had thought that being an internal pump, the pressure would be the same (as pump would work when tap turned on), and so Truma pipe would just be an aquaroll substitute - is that how it works?
  8. Nick, We use 13mm and 19mm strips of plywood that can be stacked to desired height, instead of a ramp. Much easier for mover to climb and also allows you to position caravan to fit AL-KO wheel lock. Heavier than a plastic ramp (so carried in car), but much easier to deal with on site
  9. May be an old MPK (discoloured bit) with a new dome fitted?
  10. Just asked CMHC chat - answer is No they aren't, so must be C&CC
  11. Have a look at kustomsport.co.uk (Barnsley) who do carpet sets for many brands. They seem to have good reviews, and you could compare their price to that offered by your local stall.
  12. We have a Tower T17023 (1000w) for home and now caravan use as well. Currently £34.99 in Argos. Works for us. You can do oven chips in them as well as chips from peeled potatoes.
  13. We made a similar mistake when booking Uttoxeter racecourse site a couple of years ago. Chose a non-awning pitch to avoid depriving choice to people with awnings. Arrived on site (25% full), and was offered a choice of 3 pitches. Asked why we couldn't have a wider choice - no you booked non-awning, can't change now. Site never filled to capacity, even though there was a race day during the week. Lesson learnt, rarely use an awning, but now always book 'with awning' pitches.
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