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  1. Hi DACS Thanks just heated it up with hairdryer worked a treat Regards DGW
  2. Hi just bought a new whale watermaster pump and where the pipe joins the pump it is kinked at 45 degrees can't get kink out so it's going back tomorrow any thoughts on this would be appreciated
  3. Hi I'm on a site which has only got 10amps electric hook up the and pump clicks now and again do I need to reset the pump for the low amps regards
  4. Hi its in the middle of the two slots that are in all jockey wheels
  5. Hi i have a coachman 2019 vip I've had caravans for many years but I've never seen one like this it has 3 slots at the bottom of the jockey wheel shaft any ideas would be appreciated regards
  6. Hi does any one know if when you switch off the master switch should it still have the clock on I'm bit concerned about battery when it's in storage it's a coachman 2019 vip 575
  7. Hi Hi Jamo thanks's for that information much appreciated
  8. Hi does anyone know if there is an opening on nearside rail to fit a tow cover on Coachman vip 575 2019 i have been told there is not I cant tell if mine has because I dont pick it up yet
  9. Hi to you all thanks for your information about the monitor in my 575 vip much appreciated
  10. Hi Super Red Thanks for your response There is a red /yellow/ green light monitor above the 240 chrome socket on the kitchen wall which is only on when master switch is on that is what confused me it's a factory fitted solar panel so have you not got that monitor
  11. Yes I have a coachman vip 575 2019 now
  12. Hi do you need the master switch on the control panel switched on to allow the panel to work and show charge rate
  13. Hi I have not picked the caravan up yet but we were only on the battery it the same size as a 240 socket the two green lights are top and bottom when I clicked it the bottom on glowed brighter
  14. The switch has two green light on it both lit 1brighter than other any ideas what it is for 2019 vip 575
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