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  1. The following is copied from a publication released on 3rd Feb:- ''What if I have already received the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine? It has not yet been determined how effective Oxford-AstraZeneca is in combating the South African variant or the new UK mutated strain. However, scientists have previously stated that people should receive two doses of the same brand of vaccine, as there is not enough information about the percentage of effectiveness achieved when doses of different brands are used. It is not yet known whether a third dose of Pfizer will be required to bo
  2. It's the new variants that worry me. I'm now waiting for my second AZ jab, but AZ are already working on a 'tweaked' vaccine to combat the African and Brazilian ones ...supposedly out in the Autumn. This suggests there is some doubt that the one I've had will be sufficiently effective to combat the new ones, even after a second dose. For me a worst case scenario would be a 'whack a mole' approach where we are constantly behind the curve playing catchup on new vaccines for new variants. Nowt we can do so just have to keep calm and carry on with fingers crossed.
  3. Like most people I've received many vaccinations since childhood and never given it a second thought. I had my flu jab last year and asked for the optional pneumonia one as well. I was therefore patiently awaiting my Covid jab like countless others. A few days ago I received an email from someone I hadn't heard from for several years and during an exchange of messages I was casually asked if I was accepting the Covid jab. Upon confirming that I was, I was subjected to what I can only refer to as spamming abuse; it starting with being called a sheep, followed by forwarded 'fearmongering' v
  4. Seems every Tom, Dick and Harry is called David these days. There's a lot of us about!
  5. Please remember that the majority of contributors on ST are normal caravan enthusiasts and it was definitely only a few who seemed to delight in causing trouble. That said, many of the contoversial 'off topic' posts did attract the largest responses, so perversely some people might even have found the childish bickering at least slightly 'entertaining'. From my viewpoint ST is/was a great source of information and advice on the Swift marque and often provided solutions to problems promptly, without having to contact a dealer or Swift. I shall definitely miss it.
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