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  1. Thinking about it, I think it will be ok as we can use the same wires, just remove plug or get an adaptor and fit wires into the new controller. I already have a MPPT fitted with an additional 175W panel, so I can use that. Will upgrade that eventually and add another 200 - 300 W panel.
  2. Yep, 2,000kg plate. We are at 1800 - 1850 kg. Trying to get it across a weighbridge to confirm, but the cops are never out there pulling over heavy vehicles when I go past.
  3. ok, issue solved. As simple as not enough weight on the drawbar especially when carrying bikes on the back. Empty as picked up from the dealer with 120 litre water tanks mounted underneath, sat dish on roof, and additional solar panels, the van towed great, and as we added out stuff - all good. However when I got that nose weight gauge I set the weight at the indicated 100kg, which now turns out to be 87kg. With 30kg of bikes on the rear that was just too much and threw it all out of balance. Just done 5 days away with 4.5 hours each way over seve
  4. Thanks Griff, I'll see how we go this holiday weekend - ANZAC -. As above, will use 115kg on the scale and it should be close to 100kg. Will have bikes on the back again, so will be a good test.
  5. OK, tried that. Drawbar scale showed 100kg. Bathroom scales showed 87kg. A difference of 13kg. So i'll load up the scales by another 15kg to allow for this. See how this affects the handling. Will update after we travel down to the central north island.
  6. I have a 2019 645 tandem caravan. Have had some towing issues, with and now without bikes on the back. Used to be perfect. I could drive one handed quite easily. I think I used to have a lot more weight in the front (On the below scale - 140kg) A few months ago I bought a weight scale for drawbars - fits into the coupling. It is set up at 420mm off the ground to centre of coupling, and I get the weight to 100kg. Our 4WD can tow 3.5 tons. Towball height (centre) is spot on at 420mm loaded. Tyres are at 36psi. But now we get some serious swaying i
  7. Update: The new App didn't work, so I've emailed Sargent as the phone calls were costing. Not too worried about the functions as I had only ever previously used them to show how clever it all was. The tracker is the main thing I'm interested in. Will try my old tablet to see if it works. Otherwise will wait a few months and see what App changes may bring.
  8. Our 2019 Eccles has been fine so far. Seats are firm and hold their shape and support. The usual hardness that new foam is like. Our Duvalay bed on the other hand has been a concrete pad. We added a 50mm memory foam pad on top, and even then it did nothing. However on our last trip away the mattress is more comfortable, and we now have great nights sleep.
  9. I'll find out in 12 hours time. 8pm here, dark, raining heavily.
  10. Just been n the phone to Sargent, They are certainly great at phone customer service. Apparently Samsung and a lot of other Android phones have done Bluetooth updates over the last few years, and now the Sargent Command module is incompatible with them! I have to load a 3rd party Bluetooth App - called "Liteblue Explorer", and do the connection to Swift Command with that. Swift/Sargent are releasing a totally new App in 2 or 3 months, and all should be sorted with that App. Interestingly I armed my caravan and it immediately showed up next to my house
  11. Hi Martin, Android phone - Samsung S9. So not too old. Used to work. Is the the tracker also the comms unit for Bluetooth etc? Maybe it needs some configuration. Just looked at the tracking, and now the caravan is supposedly 6 kms away from where I can see it! Strange.
  12. I rang Sargent. They told me where it was, and as I'm in NZ - to open up the new tracker and unplug the battery for a few hours. Depending on shipping route to NZ it could get confused with all the different data connections it encountered.. Tracker not where they said it was. Rang again last night, in July 2019 there was a location change, so they gave me another location. At the same time they deleted the old one and activated the new one, and he could give me my garage location where it was on the bench. Told me to retain the old battery, test it for vo
  13. After 12 months my new tracker module arrived via my dealer (in New Zealand). According to Sargent my 645 is off the Canary Islands somewhere - 18 months now! However no instructions as to where the existing is hidden. The sticker on it does have a caravan diagram and an arrow, and if this is the explicit instructions I'd hate to see vague instructions. I'll have a look tomorrow to see if it's where I think it is. Will also call the dealer to see if they can help. Now to wait for the replacement panoramic window to eventually arrive.
  14. Thanks all. Yes, I've seen that Aussie towing video too. My brother has had 5 Rangers. As a sales rep he clocks up 100,000 km/s per year so gets a new one each year. Gets to see all the updates and improvements. Will see what happens over the next few days with some more negotiating.
  15. I'm looking at trading my 2012 Navara on a Ranger XLT or Navara ST-X. In NZ I can get a Ranger for $9k less than the "new" facelifted Navara. The only Ranger available is the 2.0 Bi turbo. I'd rather have the 3.2 even with slightly less grunt, and 6 speed auto. It's a known proven design. I usually prefer cubic inches and less stress over high revving engines. Has anyone had any experience with the bi turbo - good or bad.
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