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  1. Does anyone no what limpets will stick to hobby caravans with dimpled metal surfaces
  2. Have a hobby vip 690 with awning but I don’t have van skirt can I buy one online ? Are they standard fit?
  3. Thanks for that it’s exactly what I want
  4. I have got second hand full 3.5m Walker awning with no instructions to fit does anyone no if I can get a video or a manual how to erect ?
  5. Ok thanks are owners allowed back earlier than the 26 th april
  6. When are caravans going to be allowed onto Scottish sites ?
  7. Has anyone heard dates for Scotland’s parks to re open?
  8. Has anyone heard any news on when wee can all go back to our vans on site?
  9. Do they fit hobby caravans or what is best for them 2016 hobby vip ?
  10. Thanks for your input appreciated Thanks
  11. Can anyone on here tell me what the difference between hobby 645 or 660 or 690 what is the difference?
  12. Can transit vans tow this model if required plus driver has psv license who has new transit family friend
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