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  1. Useful stuff, thanks folks. So it sounds like a PSU might be the way to go? What should I look for, and is second hand/re-purposed an option? Budget is tight!
  2. So, I've found the charger, it's attached to the back of the consumer unit, and inseparable. I can't get into any of the unit in fact (without drilling out rivets), presumably a design to stop people like me messing with it instead of paying dealers. I'm thinking to just abandon the built in charger, and install another one, powered from the 240v, and connected directly to the battery terminals. It's there any problem with that? I have a durite 20A automatic battery charger which I could use. When I turn it on without a battery connected, it measures no voltage. Does this mean it won
  3. Thanks for your replies everyone. I'll hunt around for the charger and see what I can find. If the charger is supplying 13.7v, and the battery is in good condition and fully charged, then do the appliances not receive 13.7v anyway? Please correct me if I'm wrong! I'm no sparky
  4. Hi folks, a little advice please ... We have an Abbey GTS 417, 1998 (I think). We've only had it a few months, and I don't know much about caravans! It's permanently hooked up (and used permanently), but only two of the lights, and the 3 pin sockets work. None of the 12v appliances work unless there is a battery attached. When I put a battery in, the 12v works, but it isn't charging, despite the 'charger' switch being switched on and lit up. The fuses are fine. I assume there's a battery charger buried in there somewhere? Presumably faulty? If the charger is fixed/ replaced, will t
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