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  1. They used to offer £7.50 but a month or so ago they changed the info on the website and now there is no mention of receiving money for returned bottles without a rental agreement. https://www.calor.co.uk/gas-bottles/advice/returns#gas-bottle-returns Wish I had been at the meeting when someone suggested a good way to encourage people to return bottles during a nationwide shortage was to stop offering money for them.
  2. Sure it is not the hinges? Scrub that - if it can move freely once open then cannot be the hinges
  3. I have a 1.5 diesel 110ps 2017 Qashqai. It tows a 1200kg caravan perfectly well. Would have been nicer to have a bigger engine but as the car is not towing 95% of the time I am using it then it is just one of the compromises I made (when I bought the car I hadn’t fully decided to try caravanning) On motorways, it will tow in 6th gear at 60 (struggles a bit at 55 in 6th) but if you hit even a slight incline you will need to drop it into 5th. Car is a nice height so that tow bar is not too low or too high and the extra ground clearance comes in handy for grass field sites. Rear reversing camera is great for lining up towbar.
  4. I have one too. I wouldn’t necessarily say cadacs are better made. I have seen reports of people being unable to disassemble due to parts getting stuck and others have reported their cadacs catching fire and melting.
  5. Then again maybe not - probably depends on the battery, weight of caravan and the load you are putting on the battery This is what is on the aandncaravan services site (about half way down the page) http://www.aandncaravanservices.co.uk/battery-technology.php Motor Movers on Caravans. Because the LFD90 and L36-EFB are also designed to start an Engine, they cope well with a short duration high current draw so are better suited for powering a Motor Mover on a Caravan more than almost any other battery. However, even an LFD90/Yuasa AND the Mover Electric Motors, should be rested for 30 seconds for every 5 minutes of use of a powerful Motor Mover setup. Please do not use an AGM or Gel battery with a heavy Motor mover equipped Caravan. A four wheel drive mover going up a slope or on a tight turn uses huge amounts of power for several minutes which will overheat an AGM/Gel with resultant shorter life. It is also very important not to charge up a battery that is already warm from exertion/power drain, let it cool for at least 60 minutes first before turning on the charger when you first hook-up if the Battery has been working hard powering a Mover.
  6. Agree with the others - do not attempt it with a caravan. You have no chance of getting over applecross pass for example. As for doing it early morning, the petrol heads will have exactly same thoughts and you will also annoy the locals trying to get to work.
  7. Tells you in the faqs what to do. They charge you for the change of ownership (£15 I think) https://www.CRiS.co.uk/faqs/
  8. Jockey wheel should be down. This takes the weight at the front.
  9. If you get pulled over and the police ask “why haven’t you got towing mirrors?” And you start to argue - Is he/she going to Listen to a well constructed argument about how your cars mirrors give great viewing angles and you don’t need them? Look at the back of your car, look at the caravan and point out your caravan is wider than your car and give you a ticket for taking the mick? I think it’s going to be the second one every time. Even if not convinced by the safety aspects, you could be saving yourself the hassle of a fine/points on your licence.
  10. I have the Milenco aeros and they take about a minute each side to fit - no vibration blurring, easy to fit. The second time towing, I forgot to put them on and it was a quarter mile before I realised - took another 8 miles before I could find somewhere to stop safely without blocking traffic. I now leave the mirrors on the drivers seat the night before leaving so I don't forget.
  11. Start by reading this https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/advice-and-training/guide-to-buying-hiring-vehicles/Buying-a-car-caravan-or-motorhome/buying-a-towcar/ Your handbook should give information like towing capacity and kerbweight. Once you have these you can start searching for caravans with a suitable MTPLM (max technically permissible laden weight). You can use the advanced search on caravanfinder https://www.caravanfinder.co.uk/caravan_search_results.html to filter the weight of caravans for sale. This will give you some ideas of caravan models that might meet your needs. If you have identified a possible caravan you can use towcar.info to check how the car matches up to the specific caravan for towing. Examples of low weight caravans include Freedom caravans, Lunar Arriva, Xplore 304, swift basecamp - all are under 1100kg but caravan finder will list many other models
  12. Thanks Plodd. I had assumed all awnings had an eye as my Kampa Rally Pro does. If the Outwell does have an eye, I might try a tarpaulin grip.
  13. I have the Bay 320. Great quality air awning. Two main tips for setting it up (with no help) is remove the side and front panels (this will remove a fair bit of the weight. Second tip is - its quite tricky to feed and pull once you have reached halfway so you have to resort to feeding and pushing which is more tricky (took me 3 or 4 attempts to do this because as soon as you let go to try and move to the front to pull - the back half slides out again). I've bought the Kampa awning pulley so hopefully this should help next time. The adaptor for the pump is a bit fiddley and tends to fall out. Don't forget to use rock pegs if on hardstanding - the ones supplied are only fit for grass. My awning is slightly different from the one in the Outwell videos - instead of a single inflation point - there are three inflation points and the beams are not inter-linked. With the panels removed - it also makes it much easier to roll up.
  14. A bit of swaying is normal. Regarding the ruts in the road - according to this guy he found shock absorbers fitted to the caravan helped with the ruts. The relevant bit is 5 mins 20s in. Whether this is true or not - I don't have enough experience to say but I am thinking of fitting them to my caravan.
  15. I was worried about the clearance on mine which I why I had looked at this before. Think mine was about 16cm or 17cm when I measured it
  16. Measure the clearance -between mover and the ground. According to the camping and caravan club it should be 15cm minimum https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/choosing-caravan-motor-mover/page2/
  17. Check the specs of your battery. If its a newer type of battery eg AGM or EFB it needs a higher voltage to fully charge typically around 14.5v-15v. Solution is probably every month or so - disconnect the battery and fully charge it with a modern smart charger at home. Unless you have a solar panel in which case you can set the controller to a specific battery type.
  18. Vax blade? They do "box damaged" ones on ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223662718663?epid=10021692224&hash=item3413563ec7:g:ZQ0AAOSwCSpdezsx My box wasn't damaged - suspect its a way to get rid of excess stock
  19. I caravan on my own and this is my experience.... Hitching - motor mover is essential especially if its in a storage yard and you have know one to spot for you! If you have a motor mover hitching is pretty straightforward (also helps if you have a reversing camera on the car). If the hitch is slightly to the left or right a nudge with the knee usually sorts it. Reversing - again a motor mover will help but other than that its just practice Setting up and taking down - takes longer but is probably easier as you have no-one to distract you and you can take things at your own pace. Checklist will also help. Awning - can be tricky trying to feed the awning through - you are pushing rather than pulling. But you can buy the Kampa awning pulley which should help. If you go for a 2 berth caravan - (you could always leave one bench seat made up as a permanent bed) there is still plenty of space but be a bit more of a manageable tow.
  20. Wouldn't it be more constructive to post the review on the C A M C site? More members will see on there.
  21. Cheaper version of the mirror on a stick currently in Aldi £2.99 and you get a magnetic pickup tool thrown in. https://www.aldi.co.uk/workzone-telescopic-pickup-tool/p/805799474019302
  22. Advice amongst Safefill users is to make sure the top of your bottle is lower than your regulator. Some people buy the shorter 7.5kg rather than the 10kg to avoid any issues, others have fitted inline filters. sounds like it was the dip in your pigtail that might have been the problem
  23. Stirling route is ok and probably better than via Loch Lomond (less oncoming tourist coaches). That said the Stirling route is twisty and narrows in one or two places (towed the route about 6 weeks ago.). My opinion is Stirling route is a bit easier.
  24. The retailers tend to get a supply of bottles every 4 or 5 months. The next batch is expected the end of the month. If interested in Safefill I suggest you join the Facebook Safefill group which also has a map showing Safefill refill locations (one on Safefill website is out of date).
  25. Give Eeco a ring - they repair windows https://eeco-ltd.co.uk
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