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  1. I’m not certain about your van but it’s easy to check. If it’s like my old van you will see 2 pipes coming out underneath with captive plugs in the end. They are held in by pulling them out so that the rings pull closed. To release them you have to push in the ring while pulling on the plug. Of course your issue could be something else......
  2. Older vans used to have drain points underneath at the rear. They are to help clear the system of water when there is a risk of frost. I always found them a pain to open and close due to the unintuitive John Guest fitting.
  3. Tailored covers are important if the caravan has a solar panel as this will be covered by a clear window. I’m very pleased with my Specialised TOWING cover as it is stylish, easy to fit and, if I ever changed it, I’d buy the same but with as many access zips as possible. Full covers are always a pain to put on and I rarely use my Specialised cover (it was free with the caravan). Protec covers look to be much easier to fit.
  4. Has anyone fitted a kit to a tricycle? My wife has a good quality Pashley trike so it doesn’t seem worth changing it for a £2000 purpose built e-trike that may be more flimsy. It looks like I could use a 20in front wheel kit.
  5. Now you mention it the body did change to a full height rear panel. That would explain the extra length
  6. Plan your route right and you’ll never have to reverse in a straight line. Reversing 90 degrees onto a pitch is never easy and you’ll probably end up using a mover (if only to line up an AL-KO lock) Look after your tyres and you’ll probably never have a blow out but fit Tyron bands just in case. Any blow out will still damage the van. Alde heating is great and worth going for if you caravan all year. Much more important to make sure you buy a layout that suits you and get a van with a service history and a warranty.
  7. I’m surprised it takes a 982. My old 2007 Sterling Europa had an identical body to the Charisma and we had a 960 Bradcot Active that fitted perfectly. The same specification search says we should have had a 971. However, the next size up was 990 so maybe the dealer suggested t was better to go smaller rather than larger. Might be worth running a tape around the rail and measuring ground to ground. (We’ve still got the awning sitting in the garage so would love it to go to someone who could make use of it)
  8. Mine is this older type https://www.roadpro.co.uk/product/01f-tyre-pressure-monitoring-systems-tpms/pressure-checker-for-fit2go-tpms-system-d8132b/D8132B You place it on the sensor and it reads the pressure. I’m not sure if the battery strength reading is accurate. I suspect that Michelin and Fit2Go were just branded versions of a generic product.
  9. My Honda CRV has a tyre inflation warning system but it just works off the ABS measuring rotation as a proxy for diameter. Utterly useless and goes off all the time on winding roads and just lane changing on a dual carriageway. Another reason for investing in a Tyrepal!
  10. Beware of cheaper systems that don’t have removable batteries in the sensors. I had to abandon a Fit2Go system and buy a Tyrepal as the batteries lasted less than a year. Fortunately the Fit2Go handheld reader works on the Tyrepal sensors so I don’t have to wait until I’m 100m down the road to know what the pressures are!
  11. Thanks all. I’ve ordered the glue and am stretching my arms in readiness! I was initially dissatisfied that I’d pitched the caravan so that the shower didn’t drain. If I had, the sink water would have accumulated under the cupboards and I may not have noticed for ages. Now hoping for a permanent fix.....
  12. I know this is an old chestnut but with no SwiftTalk to search I can only find problems on here not the solution. We finally had the old problem with the sink waste separating at the elbow in the far corner. What is the best permanent solution? - glue/cement? If so what type? - clamp? I don’t see how that would help on rigid pipe - gaffer tape? - extra bracket(s)? If so where? Thanks in advance
  13. 18 months ago I would have recommended Kampa for the design features but now I’d suggest you steer clear. Mine, like many others, suffered from severe leakage and had to be reproofed by the dealer. Kampa still don’t admit to any problem and there is a Facebook group set up for sufferers. The trick with the weight issue is to get an awning where all the side panels can be zipped out then you only need to lift the roof and pillars. Kampa do good accessories: a pulley system to help you pull the awning through the rail, and their Gale pump is good for a large awning. 640 i
  14. From my very first Swift (actually a Sterling Europa) I was impressed by the use of mouldings in the interior construction. There still seems to be a lot of hand built cabinetry but the exterior construction is impressive. I note that the “box” is still joined with screws rather than bonding as used by some other manufacturers. By contrast look at a video of the Adria factory. Lots of automation but still wood used in the major panels. On the subject of quality control, did anyone note the repeated references to “self certification ” with supervisors doing what looked
  15. Island beds come in 2 main types: 1) transverse bed in the middle with an end washroom (e.g. anything Swift 580) - even on a standard width you can easily get past it when pushed back but it’s a bit harder when pulled out overnight. We don’t pull ours out completely as I’m only 5’10”. - the cooker has more space around it but beware makes which have an inadequate bulkhead making it feel you are cooking in the bedroom - can be closed into sections or left to feel open plan - if you regularly have guests in the front then they have to squeeze past you - sto
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