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  1. Wow, it must be difficult going through life with so little trust for your fellow human beings. As I said earlier, the response had already been overwhelmingly negative, but you still felt the need to pour scorn on the idea. Bravo. If you'd asked I could have explained how easy it would be to ensure it was only deserving ICU nurses that benefit (and that is where I personally would draw the line), but I'd clearly be wasting my time. Glad I raised the idea though as I've at least learned one thing on the evidence of this thread, the caravanners of today are seemingly no
  2. Well, not quite unanimous - thank you for your positivity @Mr Ploddand @Jacko1- but I guess that's a fairly resounding no then.
  3. Difficult time Mr Plodd, but the people who are looking after him will be doing their very best I'm sure.
  4. Are you sure it's not the "work from" element that was the issue?
  5. Then the insurance companies would need to be brought on board too. Are you saying if you let a friend or relative use your caravan without you being present it's not insured? I'm not talking about renting it out (which I appreciate would not be covered).
  6. I have no idea what the response to this will be, but I'd like float an idea that's been kicking around in my head since we placed an order for our new caravan. Until 18 months ago, I worked at a major hospital in the South of England. I know many who work in ICU and have first hand accounts to go with the pictures brought to us on daily news programmes. You probably don't need me to tell you how hard many are finding things, and believe me they'd already seen more than most of us ever will long before Covid. These people are running on empty, physically and emotionally
  7. Thanks Paul, that's very helpful
  8. Thank you for that. I assume it's powered from the leisure battery. Does it put much of a drain on it?
  9. Forgive me, but I'm always a little wary of posts from newcomers that appear to include a link, especially when two of their three posts do so. Spam maybe?
  10. Probably not, but I'd rather know it's been stolen within 24 hours of the event than turn up at the storage site 6 weeks later, ready to drive off on holiday, only to find it's not there.
  11. GTW/GCW is 3300kg so I doubt we'll get anywhere near that. As for the noseweight thing, in our case we have a max towing limit of 1300kg and a MTPLM of 1325kg. If we have a noseweight of 25kg or more, can we then (at least theoretically/legally) load the caravan to the 1325kg MTPLM limit without exceeding the car's 1300kg towing limit?
  12. I completely agree, hence not wanting to incur significant expense fitting one. I don't expect a cheap eBay tracker to lead to a successful recovery, only to let me know it's been stolen, potentially weeks earlier than I might otherwise know. I agree, hence the post asking for recommendations.
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