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  1. Mertintin


    Please please can someone help me with getting a down pipe and fixings for the end of guttering. I just can't decide which I want. I need the end part that has the fitting for a down pipe. Seen them on Amazon but totally confused. Thanks x
  2. Thank you both, it doesn't seem such a good idea after all.
  3. Hello Folks can anyone tell me the price and downfalls of plumbing a washer/dryer under sink, also does the site do it or do I have to find someone. Thank you.
  4. Thank you for your reply I had washed the other ones in the sink in warm water and only shrunk around half an inch which I can live with. My son stood on the unit and it took his weight ok
  5. I am in the process of washing all the curtains any suggestions of how I can to these please, window does not open. Will it be possible to stand on furniture. was
  6. Please can anyone give me advice on removing shelf in bedroom unit. Thank you Mertintin
  7. So you are saying in three weeks washing up twice a day, shower once a day I have used a 43kg gas bottle. Guess I am down to shower once a week then Just the usual one that tells when bottle is empty. Does it suddenly show red without warning when bottle is empty.
  8. To start with I don't know how to read indicator on gas bottles. When I went away for three weeks the indicator on my gas bottle was slowly moving while white even though the only gas I was using was sink and shower. When I got back it was red all the way across, is this possible please or is something wrong.
  9. Thank you Paul got them off now do you know how to fit roller blinds Thanks
  10. How do I remove metal Venetian blinds from Willourby caravan kitchen window
  11. Wardrobe drawer come apart how do I fix it please.
  12. ericfield thank you was your Dad alright? I hope he didn't hurt himself too much. Griff thank you for the information going to show the thread to my son came let him do it.
  13. Sorry Steven just one more question, can I put underlay and new Carpet on top of old Carpet or not? Thank you for your patience Marylyn
  14. Thank you Steven it is cold coming through the floor did not want to encourage damp.
  15. Can anyone tell me how to stop cold coming in lounge through the floor of Wilerby Signature ? Don,t really want to go down the route of doing it from outside as the owner tells us who to use and takes a cut.
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