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  1. It is new tyre time. The caravan currently has Michelins, but those don't seem to be available any more (185R14). The local tyre centre are offering GT Kargomax. Has anyone tried them? Any good? The alternative seems to be Continental van contact 100 for a little bit extra. Or perhaps Hankook?
  2. A11

    Alko Axle

    You'll be lucky unless you have an extended warranty. I had mine refurbished by Fraser Brown - he uses better rubber, and more of it.
  3. We did this, but it turned out that our bank automatically cancelled direct debits if they were unused after a year, so it automatically cancelled itself before the 15 months were up. Had to reinstate it.
  4. Their website says that all staff have been made redundant. https://www.becksmotorhomes.com/ Wishing everyone well, and hoping no CT members have lost money.
  5. Like many of us, my towcar hasn't been used much this year. I finally got around to making up a lead for the Ctek to connect directly to the towbar socket and charge the battery. It works a treat - I don't even have to lift the bonnet! Pins 9 and 13.
  6. I ordered some of the vouchers a couple of weeks ago, but they've not yet arrived. I'll ring them in the morning, but how long did other people wait for delivery? And did they arrive by post, or some other means? THanks! Doh - should have said - CMC vouchers.
  7. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/covid-19-essential-travel-guidance "Essential travel does not include visits to second homes, camp sites, caravan parks or similar, whether for isolation purposes or holidays. People should remain in their primary residence. Not taking these steps puts additional pressure on communities and services that are already at risk."
  8. Nicola Sturgeon has just announced a significant tightening on travel. Ferries are now restricted to islanders and essential services. Hotels, B&Bs and Self catering cottages are closing to people from outside the area. Sounds like this will be backed up with legislation if needed. No mention of for how long. Sounds like they want to squash any Easter getaway. She said "Life should not feel normal at the moment. If it feels normal, you probably are not taking the right precautions"
  9. Driving tests suspended (I'm surprised they weren't already). Also MOT for HGVs and PSVs MOT testing for cars under review. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/driving-tests-and-mots-for-heavy-vehicles-suspended-for-up-to-3-months-to-help-tackle-spread-of-coronavirus
  10. I've had the axle collapse on my 2015 Bailey Unicorn. Bailey are refusing the help as it's outside the 3-year axle warranty, despite it not being overloaded and them admitting previously that there is a problem with my year/model of caravan. I'm fed up with having to adapt my caravan life around the pathetic payload allowance I have. Especially as doing so still hasn't saved my axle. It's sucking all the fun away. My 2006 Senator had 250Kg payload. That worked well - I could load up the caravan before we went away, instead of having to split the load between the
  11. I've found that the clearance from the tyre to the axle box on my Unicorn 3 has reduced to 20mm. It was 25mm a few months ago, so the axle has obviously failed. Bailey are washing their hands of it as out of warranty. Currently weighing my legal and practical options. Feeling totally gutted. This was a significant purchase and meant to last us for years.
  12. Pantheon is a well regarded hosting company. I doubt they've been hacked. Its much more likely that they've taken the live site down as they've realised it has a major issue. I'm sure somethere there's a software developer who is feeling under pressure!
  13. I don't see it when detached. There is a cut out but you have to go right up close to see it. The 13-pin socket is hinged and also goes up out of the way. A few pictures here ... https://www.kiaownersclub.co.uk/forum/64-sorento-2015/26509-what-tow-bar-fit.html I've not seen one.
  14. It also means that you need to check the pump price against the PK price, and pay by some other means if the pump is cheaper. Lots of hassle for a saving of 1p/litre - I guess they hope that people simply won't bother. It all seems a bit heath robinson. I'd have expected PK to be notified of the pump price and make the adjustment automatically.
  15. Sorry - mine is the detatchable (swan neck). You'll find the installation instructions for the towbar and electrics on mobis. eg. http://www.mobisparts.EU/de_de/custom/mobis_accessories_db/details.php?part_no=C5281ADE10&brand=K&carmodel=106 Fitting the electrics is a big job - just getting the wiring from the engine bay to the rear means a fair bit of stripping out. The Kia owners club forums are pretty good. https://www.kiaownersclub.co.uk/forum/64-sorento-2015/ Kia customer services are reasonably engaged on this subforum. https://ww
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