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  1. Update i found a Solwise 3000 kit on eBay for a snip. Very simple kit and can be setup onsite using a smartphone. As others have mentioned, you cannot boost the bandwidth/speed, but you can improve the strength of the signal . The pitch I was on just last week happened to be flanked by tall trees on 2 sides which blocked line of sight to the sites antenna poles. If I stepped out of the caravan and walked 10feet I picked up full signal. This is where kit such as the Solwise would have proved its worth. unfortunately all I had at the time was the Poynting Puck antenna and the ZTE mifi. With the antenna connected I got less 4G signal than without. I ended up propping the mifi in the skylight which just about worked. So I think I’ll invest in a better mifi/router such as the Huawei 535 and perhaps some rabbit ear antennas, then I’ll have the option of the Solwise for the campsite WiFi or the 4G router. I am disappointed the Poynting Puck antenna didn’t perform, it has good reviews and fitted neatly over and through the hole left where the TV antenna was removed. Now I’ve got to take it off and return it, or should I just leave it and give it another go? Anyone else use the Poynting Puck? Maybe it was just bad luck with the pitch and trees but that doesn’t explain why the ZTE picked up a better 4G signal without it.
  2. I suspected it would be too much in the fridge. thanks for confirming. Any advice on why the light would stop working and then start again? There must be a switch somewhere.
  3. Arrived on our pitch at the weekend and had the fridge on previously for 2 days to get it down to temp. Also added a couple of freezer blocks for the journey and it was nice and cold when we arrived. with a family of 5 we have to stuff the fridge and did that on day 1. All been ok for 3 days until the light stopped working, checked the bulb and that was ok. It’s running on mains and no error codes, appears to be working fine, however, a brand new 6 pint of milk in the door has turned sour, it feels really cold so could just be coincidence, I checked all food in the fridge and the side nearest the door opening/light was hardly cold at all, everything in the door is nice and cold, freezer is working fine. I don’t know what I did but after opening and closing the door a few times the light started working (I don’t know where the switch is to test) so in a nutshell, part of the fridge doesn’t feel cold enough. im hoping it’s just because it’s over filled with food and not enough room for cold to circulate, and the milk turning sour was just a coincidence.
  4. Yes the Huawei 535 is a 4G router, it’s probably got an internal antenna in order to pick up the network of the sim you install, but will also have ports to connect a more powerful antenna which can be mounted outside for a better reception. The Poynting Puck antenna I have is also an external antenna but probably only has a small antenna inside due to its small size. so the tech that ‘Idleness’ has mentioned seems to be more high end and possibly more inline with what I need. As mentioned, the Huawei 535 is probably going to be sufficient on its own but it’s a good idea to have the added external antenna as a bonus when 4g reception is weak. another good suggestion, thank you
  5. this is more like the post I was hoping for, thank you! does the Huawei have the 2 ports for the antenna? You mention that you don’t often use the antenna so I’m assuming there’s one built in? im beginning to think that the puck antenna and ZTE myfi I’ve got are not really up to the job.
  6. I hope so😁 yes I’ve seen this and it sous look like what I need. It does seem to require a laptop to connect it to the campsite WiFi first then it’s pretty much stand alone.
  7. To everyone who thinks I’m a mobile junkie or tv addict, or that I shouldn’t be going on holiday. Spare a thought about those of us who are self employed and for whom internet access of some kind is essential. There’s no one else back home who can do it for us. self employment has been my choice for over 25 years and I’m happy with it. I was just asking for advice on possible gadgets which would help. I would only be working in the evenings once the kids are in bed anyway so no big deal.
  8. So I thought I was well prepared for our 2 week holiday down in Dorset. I swapped the tv antenna for a Poynting Puck 2, installed a ZTE MF971V myfi and got the unlimited data pack on a Smarty sim. On arrival - no mobile reception what so ever! Ok so what about the park wifi - sketchy at best, ok if I hang out of a window. There must be a better solution, I've got the mobile/4G thing covered with the current setup but when there's no signal I'm looking for a way to boost a weak wifi signal. Any suggestions of gear?
  9. Nope, just a single 7 pin I don’t think it is, I just have a single 7pin on the car and use an adapter which converts it to the caravans 13pin
  10. We're off down to Dorset!, looking at a 6 hour journey. I don't have the 13pin plug on my car to power the 12v system in order to have the fridge on while towing
  11. so im expecting the journey to take 6 hours. If i turn the fridge on about 24h before we go on the mains at home it should retain a fairly low temp during the journey when i can switch it back on once on EHU at the pitch. We wont be putting any food in it for the journey, we do a shop when we get there. I might also pop a few freezer blocks in for the journey.
  12. I thought so, thanks So I guess the water would heat up quicker on gas too?
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