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  1. I was looking into what this guy did http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?page_id=2414 He also did a different conversion for his missus. http://www.caravanramblings.co.uk/?page_id=2420
  2. Yep. I ordered some landscaping products 6 weeks ago and now the prices for same products gone up 25 percent
  3. Thanks. I'm kind of leaning towards the Bailey construction but would totally miss having a front locker... So maybe I'll stick!!!
  4. Ok so that's a bit clearer. Same build but composite or wooden floor. Do you know if all the components are glued together with construction adhesive or do these use components bolted together a bit like the Bailey's? Or maybe they still use glue and screws??? Am curious as our Swift has just undergone the bulkhead repair and last year was a replacement rear panel. Wonder whether to replace it. Could be that we've now endured all the likely failures and will have a van which will last. Or we could switch to a newer one and find out 5 years down the line that the construction adhesive didn't prove as reliable as expected!!!!! Decisions decisions decisions...
  5. Hi Martin, All this is really confusing with what seems like subtle changes to design / build each year and moreso with the naming. Is Smart 3 very similar to Smart HT and it seems now only the Elegance is built that way. I can't figure out how Swift can support very different construction techniques. Do you think they will all merge again with a single build methodology or might the Elegance disappear due to whatever reasons Smart HT or 3 hasn't been all consuming??
  6. I think they key is the HT construction. That wasn't part of the recall. I found conflicting marketing material about the Elite being Smart Plus or Smart HT but the last post by the OP said it was Smart HT which would be brilliant news. Always thought Smart HT was the way to go and it's a real shame Swift appear not to have stuck with it. I think only the Elegance is now Smart HT.
  7. See my reply on your similar (other) question I don't believe your van is Smart HT construction and as such you need to make sure the recall was properly carried out. My van was carted off this week on the caravan ambulance just before the body and chassis finally parted company!!!! If you're planning on phoning Swift I doubt you'll get through. Try emailing crm@swiftleisure.co.uk And include the CRiS number of your van. They tend to respond within 2 or 3 days.
  8. Does that not mean it is out of Swift warranty? If so I'd want a big discount compared to dealer price... Our Swift last year had a replacement rear panel at 5 years (5k if no warranty) and now year 6 has the bulkhead detachment. Forking out 20k I'd want a pukka warranty...
  9. I don't think the Sterling Elite 565 is made using the Smart HT process. I think that was only for the Elegance (a current model) and the Continental (now discontinued). The Elite 565 was using Smart Plus technique which again I believe was part of the recall as it uses the traditional screw securing. I may be wrong, and for sure all this is very confusing and often the dealers knowingly or otherwise aren't very clued up...
  10. Swift seem to use a lot of the Bostik Simson STR 360. I think I've also read where folks have used a mastic strip and then sealed the edges with STR360. I should have had a tube of it by now but sadly Hermes couldn't find Sainsbury's in Paignton so it never arrived. It's probably tossed in a field somewhere... ☹️
  11. This would have been part of the Swift recall for bulkhead detachment issues. Need to be sure this was fixed properly. It should be a GRP rear panel bit do check and if it's ABS then look all around it for signs or cracking. A technique I use for cars is to find the previous owner and call them up (if buying from dealer). It's truly amazing what you find out about the car they just shifted on. Don't know how viable that is with a caravan. Ask to see the current CRiS document maybe??
  12. No issues with our Sorrento but the auto stop / start is virtually always disabled (automatically via the engine management). Modern cars have a huge power draw so I guess some may manage the output to the van fridge to prioritize other functions.
  13. Just fixed a similar problem on a mates van. The housing on the water inlet had a hairline crack in it but these pumps are very low power so the slightest air leak on the inlet side causes a huge loss of pressure.
  14. Was it really necessary to bring political views to this debate, which so far has been rather constructive? Some of the other ideas expressed have merit but are quite complicated and it could be extremely difficult to model the outcomes. A simple change could hammer occupancy levels; ditto requiring deposits if the bar is set too high or too low. Despite the current pros and cons there's a really simplistic model now; take a booking and pay on arrival. Imagine taking deposits. All the rules for what can be returned within certain timeframe windows. What happens if a deposit return is allowed but the card is no longer active. A whole bunch of complex issues which would require expansion of the back office teams. There is a reason why the CCC club don't allow online modifications - because it gets difficult - can only be changed on the phone...
  15. You pay a membership fee also with CCC and then pay a deposit. The two don't go hand in hand. I pay to be a member of Brittany Ferries but I still pay a deposit to make a booking.
  16. It isn't just the lost revenue of no shows at a weekend. Those travellers wanting a week or two on a site are effectively pushed to other options (other clubs or private). So the CMC isn't necessarily just loosing no show revenue. It's also losing longer stay residents during the week so in fact a double whammy. A friend of ours joined the CMC to stay with us at Ramslade and described the lack of deposit as a "totally whacky business model". He then said whilst he liked the concept he couldn't find any places he wanted to go this year so will lapse his membership and stay with the CCC.
  17. Well neither could I but when you realise that's the only way to get bookings what can you do??? Another post reminded me to book the New Forest for next May which I just did. A whopping £800 for 21 nights. We will fine tune the dates no doubt nearer the time!!! I did a double-take, nearly £40 a night!!!! As an aside we visit the New Forest next week and because of bulkhead failure on our Swift we had to cancel CMC and rented a Static with 3 bedrooms and that only cost £60 per night. Not really our cuppa tea but needs must. Pulling a Caravan is certainly not a cheap option...
  18. Just had another look at mine. I'm fairly certain an angle grinder and drill would make mince meat of the key barrel. It's going to make a lot of noise and take an hour or two to avoid any collateral damage so it wouldn't be the method of choice for the average ne'er-do-well!! As an aside, once lost the keys to top range bike D lock whilst in France. A cheap 20 Euro Angle Grinder sorted it out in a minute or two.
  19. If you have the wheel nut tool just angle grind the lozenge off.
  20. It's not unusual to find availability on a CMC site close to a weekend. It's been the case for years and some like the system, others don't. Maybe there is something else going on. Perhaps the 10 who didn't contact the site at all were stuck in the endless Customer Service queues which have become prevalent since Covid and just hung up?? For what it's worth, I was very anti the CMC no-deposits process but now I'm quite a fan. We were very late to the party but now block book en-mass and cancel nearer the time as plans firm up. Always greater than 72 hours of course. Sadly that's the ONLY way to book stays spanning a weekend...
  21. I think a plan B would be to take a couple of DIY tools to it. First I'd try to drill out the lock barrel. If that didn't work then an angle grinder would sort it out no problem. It would take a while I'm sure but take your time and I don't think you would damage the wheels. Do you have the locking nut removal tool?
  22. Without a good reason? Hmm. The CMC will call them up to ascertain circumstances. But probably not the first or second time. Anyone who is happy to just not turn up would have no issue in spouting a story to CMC. In contrast I had a run-in with the CCC club over cancelling a booking due to caravan failure. Despite being told incorrect information by their Customer Services, reluctantly they offered me one chance to amend the booking. No chance of my deposit being refunded.
  23. Am curious. Was this a recent event?
  24. I think there have been plenty of ABS cracking problems with Coachman so I don't think they've solved the problem any more than the other manufacturers. ABS is sadly prone to cracking and is pretty much un-repairable. GRP on the other hand is very fixable. In fact, caravan construction is generally moving away from ABS as a suitable material. I'd join some Coachman Facebook groups to see what is really going on. Our plans are also in disarray since as you know, our van has the same Bulkhead problem. Last update was I was going to fix it myself and then the dealer / Swift came back and said they would collect it!!! Same waiting game and similar catalogue of lost trips. C'est la vie.
  25. I would never buy another caravan which has ABS construction and the coachman website seems to say both front and rear panels are ABS. Imo this material is not fit for purpose for caravan bodywork.
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