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  1. Of course, that link was only an example, I’m a good few months away from being able to start this process and buy the caravan, so it’s mostly just to gauge what’s about and rough prices. I’d of course inspect them before buying, and maybe try and get somebody who knows a bit more to come with just so I don’t miss anything! I didn’t know that about the gas/electric work being done in caravans having to be signed off, so that’s really good info, thanks!
  2. Thanks for the replies everybody. planning permission will definitely be the awkward bit. In the long term I am going to be building an eco house, and already had it confirmed that I can use the static caravan while it’s being built, but I don’t know when that process will realistically be able to start, which is why I’m looking at making the static permanent, for a while at least! The budget of £1000 is just for buying the caravan itself, transport I have put money aside separately for that, along with getting a concrete pad installed to place it on. I have been looking at a lot of 2nd had static caravans on places like eBay, gumtree etc, and there does seem to be a lot in the up to £1000 mark, granted they will need some love, but are being marketed as dry and air tight with no damp etc, which I was assuming would be a solid starting point? Or are these not going to be something that can be built on for the kind of use I want. Here is the link to some I have been looking at. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Static-caravans-for-sale-from-750-ALSO-STATIC-CARAVANS-WANTED/154193962788?hash=item23e6ad2724:g:AbIAAOSwWMhfdDxt the plan for the static(and for the house I will be building at sone point) is to not be connected to utilities, it is to be 100% off grid, I’m still getting my research done on it all, but I’d say I’m about 80% there with being able to evidence sustainability being off grid like that, as it’s just little old me living there. I can’t be the only person who’s tried this, I’m hoping to hear sone success stories!
  3. Hello everybody. Im hoping for some advice from long time static caravan owners. I am currently looking at buying a plot of land, with the idea to site a static caravan on and live in it full time, grow my own food etc, subject to planning permissions. the static will be off grid, which I’ve already looked into and priced up solar systems, rain water harvesting, and waste composting, however my big question area is around the static itself. I’ve never even stepped foot in a static caravan, so I’m hoping you can all direct me to anything I should be looking out for? Or avoid etc. im on a budget so I’m going to be spending £1000 or less on the static, but I am hoping to slowly renovate it to make it more comfortable to live in. Insulation is one of the big ones, I seem to see a lot of people talking about putting in under floor insulation, so I’m guessing this can be done fairly easily? Along with improving the wall and roof insulation, with I imagine plaster board and put behind it. Bit of a wall of text I know.. but any help and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks james
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